Tips to Deal with Anxiety

10 Best Tips to Deal with Anxiety

Have you struggled with poor mental health? Can you relate to the feeling of restlessness and nervousness out of nowhere? Have you ever got a panic attack and witnessed a rushing heart? All of these are signs of anxiety.

Anxiety is one of the common things we experience on a daily basis. Many people tend to have this anxiety attacks more frequently than others. There are many things that can be causing you this anxiety. Let’s know more about this.

Anxiety – Why does it Matter?

Before we talk about what anxiety is and how to deal with it, let me share an incident. 

One of my cousins started getting anxiety attacks at an early age. She was only 14 when she started getting these anxiety attacks. We took her to the best psychiatrist in Lahore who diagnosed her with anxiety. Later it was found that this was the academic stress that was causing her extreme stress and anxiety. 

There are many things that can cause you this anxiety. Sometimes it could be related to your finances, relationship problems, and other problems. Just like other mental health conditions, suffering from anxiety can take a toll on your overall mental health. If left untreated it can affect your overall quality of life. 

If you are someone who has experienced this anxiety in the past or is currently suffering from it, then here are some of the best tips to fight this anxiety that can actually help you.

Best Tips to Fight Anxiety

Here are some of the best tips that are sure shot to beat the anxiety and live a healthy life with this troubling mental health problem.

1- Eating Healthy Foods

Your food choices are the most important when it comes to maintaining good mental health. We all know that stress can change our dietary patterns to a greater extent. Many people start eating and thus affecting their overall health. This downside of poor mental health goes way more than we expect and can make you gain weight. So, one way to help yourself with the problem is to consume healthy foods. Go for healthy carbs, and add more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet. Avoid eating outside and processed foods and try to make your own food.

2- Sleep Well

Sleeping well during the anxiety periods is quite important. I remember when my cousin was getting treated for anxiety at Trauma Center her doctor was giving her sleep aids. Good sleep can help you to manage your anxiety attacks really well. You can try a variety of sleep-assisted methods to feel well-rested. Aromatherapy, a head massage, and avoiding screen exposure can help you fall asleep better. 

3- Quit Smoking

If you are habitual of smoking etc. then make sure you leave it as soon as possible because the harmful compounds in cigarettes can worsen your anxiety. Not only smoking but the chemicals in vaping can help be harmful to your anxiety.

4- Try Stress Management Techniques

There are a variety of stress management techniques that can help you to manage the symptoms of anxiety well. Be it yoga or other relaxation techniques, stress doing these to divert your attention from the anxiety triggers. Preferably spend time in nature to make them effective.

5- Know About your Triggers

There are many known causes of anxiety that can vary from person to person. Identifying these triggers can help you to beat the anxiety by avoiding them. Sometimes, anxiety treatment is also based on mild and gradual exposure to these triggers and can help you with anxiety management.

6- Find Community Support

You may feel like you are sufficient for yourself but sometimes you may need assistance and support from the people around you. Here community support matters a lot. Spend time with your loved ones even if you don’t want to share your problem but you can still find support from them. 

7- Get Helps

Not only does the community help, but you can also go for professional help as well. Sometimes you can’t be able to treat it on your own so it’s better to seek out suggestions from your doctor and stick to your treatment plan. 

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8- Stay Physically Active

Sometimes the solution to your problems lies in physical activity. You may find it hard to go out of your comfort zone but this even becomes important here. Be it cycling or walking, make sure you stay physically active to keep yourself in shape.

9- Stop Caffeine Intake

You might be a coffee lover but do you know that caffeine intake can worsen your anxiety so limit its consumption. Alongside coffee, you should also consider your consumption of caffeinated drinks and replace them with some healthy alternatives. You can go for plain water instead or can replace it with fruit juices.

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10- Understand What’s Happening

No matter how long you are suffering from it, now it’s the right time to talk about it and understand. Get yourself educated, find the strategy that works for you, take breaks and find your own pattern. No matter how many stories you hear about dealing with anxiety and depression, you shouldn’t take it seriously and work on your condition. Be mindful that you are the very first person who can help you to deal with the situation and let you improve. 

Bottom Line!

Anxiety is a common condition and can affect anyone. Though the triggers of anxiety vary from person to person. Just as the cause of anxiety, the treatment of anxiety also varies from person to person. If left untreated, anxiety can get complicated and can affect your quality of life. So, here are the tips that can help you to manage the conditions really well.

No matter what gender you belong to, it is very important to address mental health problems to promote general well-being. However, don’t be afraid of seeking out professional help. Further, make sure to support their struggles with mental health challenges to promote a healthy community.

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