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5 Classy gifts for men gifted by women for engagement

One of the most special moment is your life is the time you get engaged to your loved one. Deciding on forever with your partner is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated with a lot fervour. It is tradition that the man hunts for the perfect engagement ring for his partner and gives it to her when he asks her to marry him on one knee. However, this moment is as special for the man as it is for the woman. And therefore, the men too deserve something beautiful and meaningful to remember this moment. So if you are thinking of gifting your man with something meaningful, you can take inspiration from the items mentioned below.

A ring

As a gift, you can give your man a ring of his own in return for the three stone engagement ring he gave to you when he went down on one knee. It doesn’t have to be as ornate as the one he gave you but something precious and special. You could buy him a diamond platinum band or a gold signet ring according to the budget you have in mind. You could also opt for a dark coloured ring with wooden highlights that are in fashion for men these days. Getting it customized by engraving a personal message will make it even more meaningful for him.

Wrist watch

If you think a ring is beyond your budget or if your man is not a fan of rings then consider giving him another accessory such as a wrist watch. A wrist watch is something that is classic and useful and makes for a stylish accessory. It is a great addition to the outfit and adds a certain charm to the person who’s wearing it.

Cuff Links

Another accessory that you can gift your fiancé are cuff links. These are stylish accessories that instantly upgrade a man’s look. There are different styles of cuff links that are usually worn to make a statement. Keep in mind your partners taste before you buy them. Additionally, you can have them engraved with a personal message to make it more meaningful for him.

Personalized coasters

If you like being creative with your gifts then one of the best ways to impress your man is to gift him personalized coasters as an engagement gift. The coasters can contained pictures of the two of you or your stylized initials on it. You can also put in the date of your engagement to remind him of the special day when you’ll both decided to stay together for the rest of your life.

Tie clip

A tie clip is another useful accessory for men especially if they are dressing up for a formal occasion. It makes for a great engagement gift. There are several types of tie clips ranging from simple plain metal to the ones embellished with diamonds as that on bespoke engagement rings. Tie clips can also be engraved with his initials to add a personal touch.

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