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5 Hottest Mirror Tiles Trends for 2023


As part of our celebrations for National Tile Day, we’ve been highlighting one of the most likely tile trends for 2019 every month. So far on this journey, we’ve seen things that look like wood, geometric tiles and pattern play, dark marble, gauged porcelain tile panels and slabs, florals, leaves, and more.

Coverings ’22, the most important event of the year for the ceramic tile and natural stone industries in North America, is less than two weeks away, and we have two more great trends to talk about!

The proof is in the pictures: in 2022, everyone will want to decorate their homes with mirror tiles. This trend will add to your current taste in interior design. Here are some design ideas we found on Instagram that we think the best show how creative and versatile this style is.

Mirror tiles with hexagonal shapes

When paired with a mirror tile, a hexagonal tile’s six interesting sides make a strong and beautiful statement. Hexagons have been a popular shape for tiles for a long time. You can make a full feature wall for all the drama, use the tile in a small space to draw attention, or choose a look like this one, where the tiles make an organic shape on the wall instead of stopping at the wall joints. Because the tiles are so unique, you can choose an option. One of the reasons we love how certain tiles stand out is how they pick up the light in the room or what they reflect.

Wet-Looking Herringbone Mirror Tiles.

Another feature wall is mirror tiles, but this one looks very different overall. In this picture, the herringbone tiles already look like they are falling down the wall, and the “wet look” of the mirror tile makes this look even stronger. When you put these two things together, you get a wall that looks like a beautiful waterfall. Even though you can’t hear the water falling, the sight of it creates an atmosphere that is relaxing on its own.

Metallic Mirror Tiles

There is no question that this arrangement is the most equal of all of them. Oh, mirror, mirror, on the WHOLE wall. A metallic overlay has been put on the mirror tile to make it look smoky and shiny. On the other hand, this ceramic tile is the real deal, and the result could not be more glamorous. Other times when smoke and mirrors were used

Mirror Tiles That Look Like 3D Oxidized Metal

This mirror tile also has an overlay that looks like metal but serves a very different purpose than metal. In this example, the tile has a three-dimensional shape and looks like rusted metal. Instead of a shiny metallic look, we get a very urban vibe that makes us feel like we’re in the middle of a big city.

Mosaic with Mirror and Marble Tiles

This mosaic of mirror and tile that looks like marble is a great example of how useful mirror tile can be. These curved mirror tiles add just the right amount of glitz to the bathroom. They make it look like a full mirror without being too bold.

The new trend of using mirror tiles gives us (quite literally) a lot to think about. Check out our site for more design ideas, and don’t miss next week’s article on the 2022 tile trend!


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