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7 Easy approaches to boost seo in your WordPress website

When compiling this list of seo strategies, we started out with one assumption: you’re busy. So these techniques are ones that you may put in force right now (lengthy-term commitment not required). Obviously, there are masses of different techniques for wordpress website, but that is a high-quality location to begin. And don’t forget: you don’t need to use all of those (even though you simply can) — even some should give your WordPress web site a boost inside the search engines like google and yahoo.

Choose Your web hosting company carefully

We’re now not just pronouncing this because we’re a hosting organization. We’re pronouncing it as it’s proper: The website hosting provider you choose is vital for seo.

Considering Google takes velocity into consideration when rating websites, a very good host can assist push you to the top of the engines like google. Your host additionally affects the amount of downtime your site experiences and the bodily distance between servers and visitors — both of which are rating elements. remaining however not least, seeing that Google gives HTTPS websites a small enhancement, you’ll want that too. At DreamHost, it’s unfastened with all our plans.

in case you haven’t created your website yet, you’ll need to select a host that’s reliable and has a recognition for outstanding overall performance. Even for an existing site, you should not forget switching hosts if your cutting-edge provider doesn’t meet those standards.

A smart manner to go is with a WordPress-precise hosting plan. Our absolutely-controlled WordPress plans offer magnificent speeds and little to no downtime.

Pick a topic That’s Optimized for search engines like and yahoo google

Your subject is one of the maximum vital selections you’ll make to your WordPress SEO web site. It determines your website online’s look and layout, can offer new capability, and additionally plays a position in its search engine optimization. For instance, your theme can affect your site’s velocity — which (as we’ve already discussed) is vital. The manner a topic was developed also subjects in view that easy code gives your web site the first-class chance in search engines.

Therefore, while selecting a subject you’ll want to choose one constructed with search engine optimization in thoughts. These topics are frequently referred to as ‘search engine optimization-friendly’. you could additionally want to search for a topic that gives features particularly designed to enhance your search engine optimization, consisting of new heading tag options. fortunately, there are masses of issues available that fit the bill.

Use a devoted seo Plugin

If you’re new to WordPress, you may now not but be familiar with plugins. Those are small pieces of add-on software programs you can deploy, which upload new features and functionality in your web site. There’s a plugin to help your website do just about anything — consisting of rank higher in search engines. In fact, there are numerous plugins designed in particular to improve your WordPress website SEO

These plugins can offer small, centered features which include developing a sitemap (we’ll communicate more about that during a moment). For even higher consequences, you can also opt for a complete search engine optimization plugin including Yoast search engine optimization, so as to upload a whole suite of optimization-targeted functions on your web page.

Make a ‘Sitemap’ for your website.

A sitemap is a list of all the pages and other content in your internet site, typically prepared right into a hierarchy. It gives a brief manner to see how your website is laid out and what it includes. At the same time as those sitemaps have been designed to help users navigate web sites, their number one motive now is to communicate facts to look engine bots (also called crawlers).

Even as adding a sitemap to your website doesn’t at once enhance its seek engine ratings, it’s nonetheless a treasured seo device. It enables crawlers to look at all the pages for your site and understand how they relate to one another. This makes it easier for search engines to index your website, and to offer relevant content in user searches. Adding a sitemap to WordPress website is straightforward — you may do so with a centered plugin which includes Google XML Sitemaps, or via a comprehensive seo device along with Yoast seo.

Use Heading Tags all through Your content material

While a sitemap is useful for supporting search engine crawlers to see how your website is prepared, it doesn’t assist them make an experience of the person’s content. For that, you’ll need to apply heading tags. Those are formatting options you can follow to section headings inside pages and posts.

The usage of these headings to shape your content material accomplishes two things. It affords a visual advantage, by breaking apart your textual content in your wordpress website and making it simpler to study. In addition, crawlers pay loads of interest to headings, the usage of them to recognize how your content is prepared and what it’s about. So whilst growing posts and pages, don’t forget to apply WordPress’ heading alternatives regularly and constantly.


Every other crucial factor of seo is key phrases. search engine optimization keywords are the phrases and phrases which you use in your content material and that customers search for in search engines like google. In our above example, the key-word turned into ‘green shoes.’

search engines check sites and pages for a way properly the content material suits consumer seek terms, its cause, and a whole host of different factors. While you operate the same keywords for your content material as your target audience is searching for, you sign to search engines like google and yahoo which you’ll deliver to people what they need.  


For precise seo, you want to be aware of hyperlinks and hyperlink building. hyperlink building is a manner in digital advertising which pursuits to generate as many incoming links on your web site as possible.

Having lots of hyperlinks from well-reputed assets is super for search engine optimization because they act as votes of confidence. Google recognizes that in case your peers believe you, you can be trusted by way of users. there is an instantaneous correlation among your hyperlinks and your web page site visitors. 

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