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7 Tips Graphic Designers Give You An Edge

Working with graphic designers can be an invaluable experience because they can help to give you an edge in your business by giving you top-notch design and marketing materials while saving you time, money, and energy that would have been spent trying to do it yourself. Before hiring one, though, there are some key things you should know about working with them. Here are 7 tips graphic designers give you an edge.

1) The Power of Proximity

It’s hard to believe but true: being near your customers and prospects is a powerful marketing tool. Even if you offer fantastic service and quality, if they don’t think of you as accessible or convenient they won’t come back. The best graphic design company in India understands that it’s critical to its future growth to embrace a neighborhood mindset and stay close to customers.

From here, work on cultivating client relationships through community events, simple word-of-mouth marketing, and serving clients who live nearby whenever possible. Also, don’t forget about creating relationships with those who aren’t physically in your ‘hood’ such as bloggers or tech support gurus.

2) Consistency Means Credibility

From your first impression to your last, you want to make sure that everything you do as a designer is clear and consistent. Clients don’t want to sift through tons of different styles or techniques; they want you to create their brand in a way that’s consistent with how they identify themselves.

When your work doesn’t match up with how your client represents themselves, you lose credibility—and that means lost business. Make sure every email has a matching signature and every piece of collateral is in line with your branding. This kind of attention to detail creates loyalty between you and your clients—which will keep them coming back for more!

3) Being Ahead Means Customers

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to make impulse purchases from companies they view as forward-thinking. If you want to give your business a competitive edge, look for ways to stay ahead of new trends and incorporate them into your brand. For example, consider adopting new technology that gives customers more control over their experience with your brand.

People like being in control, so they’re likely to prefer shopping with businesses that offer choices instead of dictating their own experiences. A prime example is Amazon’s Look Inside! feature—which allows shoppers to preview books online before buying them—has made it easier than ever for consumers to shop without having to go anywhere near a physical store.

4) Ditching the Old Doesn’t Mean Losing Potential Clients

If you’re going to be serious about working with graphic designers company, it’s a good idea to look at your current brand. Does it reflect your personality and/or industry? Is it cohesive? Does it work well as part of a larger team? If not, maybe now is a good time to start thinking about changes or making upgrades.

It can feel daunting at first, but remember that updating your brand (while also enhancing functionality) gives you the potential for further growth—which is key if you want to maintain clients long-term. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, either; there are lots of smaller steps you can take that will still make a big difference in how people perceive your business.

5) Graphic Design Influences Sales

It may seem obvious, but graphic designers can affect how people perceive your company. Think about Apple and Coca-Cola. Both have sleek, beautiful designs that stand out as innovative and high quality. So why wouldn’t you want to project that same image?

Here are a few ways you can infuse your brand with good design: Make sure to include images in all of your marketing material—whether it be on social media or on printed materials. Use powerful images in combination with strong words like Sale! or Buy Now! Images make something stand out; when done right, they also convey professionalism. These things will help you with growing early.

6) Visual Branding Influences Sales

One of our top tips for graphic designers is to create a visual brand that represents your business. When potential customers recognize your logo, colors, and style, they are more likely to trust your brand and give you their business. This can also increase trust within your industry, giving you a boost as you become more well-known in your field.

Another positive impact of visual branding is how it influences sales through increased conversion rates. If people like how they feel when they see or interact with something associated with your company, they’re going to want what it has to offer too!

7) Your Reputation Influences Sales

Have you ever walked into a store to buy something and were immediately helped by a friendly salesperson? It’s unlikely that you bought exactly what you had planned, right? Being nice matters to customers. There’s no need to bring up your five-star rating, just be friendly and helpful. Customers don’t always want your products; they may just want your expertise.

If people like working with you, they will usually give you more opportunities than others. In other words, becoming known as a helpful designer is good for business. And it doesn’t take much time or effort on your part; simply try to do what makes sense for everyone involved, rather than simply getting through things as quickly as possible for yourself and getting paid!


When in doubt, leave it out. Leave plenty of space for your message to breathe. If you feel like you need more text, try shortening sentences and paragraphs or adding bullets to them. And don’t be afraid to put negative space around blocks of text—the white space (the breathing room) can be just as important as your content. One last thing: if a design doesn’t immediately catch your eye, move on to another—but remember that it doesn’t take years of design experience to know a good layout from a bad one!

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