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8 best synonym finding tools to build your vocabulary.

Are you scared of speaking wrong English?


Well, this is a common fear and everybody goes through it till they learn and practice the right words.


People often have a misconception that English is a tough language and that speaking it fluently is even tougher. Well, it is true until and unless you tell yourself that yes I have to learn it.


The day you step out of your comfort zone and decide to learn you are halfway there. The English language is all about tenses, grammar, and vocabulary.


You have to excel in these three areas to write, read and speak English with fluency. Most people learn tenses and grammar but when it comes to vocabulary they lack.


To have a better and vast vocabulary you need to learn energetic synonyms of the words you use in your daily routine. When you know and speak more words, you leave an impact of a well-learned person on people you meet.


In this article, we will introduce you to the 10 best tools that can help you learn synonyms and improve your contextual combination of different words in different places.


Here is a list that you can go through to build an impressive vocabulary


  1. Grammarly 
energetic synonyms
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energetic synonyms

It is a tool also known as an English synonym dictionary. It is an amazing synonym finding tool that suggests the most appropriate synonym for the word you choose.


To use Grammarly you have to sign in to its account and once you complete all the login procedures you are good to go. Add your words to it and choose them one by one to get synonym suggestions. You usually get suggestions on highlighting a particular word.


Grammarly is a tool available in both free and premium versions. If you want to enjoy advanced facilities like vocabulary building or grammar checking you have to purchase its premium package.


  1. Thesaurus

energetic synonyms

It is one of the most popular online platforms that help you learn a long list of synonyms in the form of categories. It is the only platform that helps you find synonyms in terms of complexity, length, and relevance.


When you type of word on its website the tool responds to you in the form of categories. You can check the categories to choose the best synonym among them. Not only this but it is a free tool that ranks the best synonym finder online.


It is a better option for non-native English speakers and for college students who need help in finding synonyms for their course.


  1. Collins English Thesaurus

energetic synonyms

It is a kind of dictionary that suggests one of the best similar words along with their meanings. It is an amazing synonym-finding tool that gives you a list of synonyms, their adjectives, and their pronunciation.


You can listen to the pronunciation of synonyms that seems new or difficult to pronounce. To use this collins English thesaurus you have to type your word and a list of similar words will appear.


The best thing about this tool is that you also get your searched word in other languages. So if somebody is a non-native English speaker, they can understand the word in their own language as well.


  1. Power Thesaurus 


It is an English synonym dictionary tool that provides all the synonyms of the word you type. It gives you the complete count of similar and opposite words that you need to know about a particular word.


It works like a dictionary where all the possible synonyms are written in a row. To use it, type the word in the search bar and it will show all the possible similar words to you. It also filters the words on the basis of rating, length, alphabet, and syllables.


In this way, you get a filtered list of synonyms that you can learn and use when needed.


  1. Word reference


As the name suggests it refers you to a list of similar words and phrases you search. It is a type of online dictionary that helps you learn new words and phrases.


The best thing about this online dictionary is that you can find synonyms or similar words in other languages as well. It not only provides you with similar words in English but also in Spanish, French, and some other languages as well.


So, as a non-native English speaker, it is one of the best options to increase your vocabulary with better understanding. Type your word in the search bar, press enter, and get your required synonyms in English and any other language that you understand.


  1. Synonym


It is an online synonym-finding tool that helps you find similar words for both familiar and unfamiliar words. It is an online website that is easy to access and use.


When you type the link of this website on Google a tool with the name Synonym appears on your page. To use it click on the page and type your word in the search bar.


When you type and click the check word you get your required synonyms in a fraction of a second. It mostly suggests you 10 synonyms and under each synonym, you can also find its antonyms.


  1. Word Web Online


Word web is one of the best tools to find and learn synonyms. It not only provides you with new vocabulary words but also helps you understand.

Sometimes we come across synonyms that are hard to understand and in this case you should seek help from Word Web Online. This tool demonstrates the meaning of synonym and their use in a particular sentence.


In this way when you search for similar words on Word Web Online you get all the required information related to all synonyms that you see on the list.


  1. Word Focus


The word focus is a tool to find another word. With the help of Word Focus, you can get a substitute for a verb, noun, adjective, or adverb. It provides you with all kinds of synonyms and helps you build your vocabulary.


You can use Word Focus to find substitutes and add them to your blog posts, formal letters, essays, and other forms of English writing.


All these tools are available online and you can use them to learn new words, their meanings, and their use in the English language.


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