Corporate Town Hall Meeting

8 Steps to Organizing a Corporate Town Hall Meeting

Various organizations had to face distressing conditions, difficulties, and complications while hosting corporate town hall meetings in the last few years. It is so because the Covid-19 pandemic took over the sphere of the events industry along with the rest of the world. The virtual revolution that came, in turn, evolved the planning of important organizational events into a troublesome task. A virtual town hall meeting requires the involvement of teammates and employees present at different global locations. But, due to expedition restrictions and social distancing standards, the gathering of teams became impossible.

Regardless, this is when the advent of online meetings and virtual meeting platforms came into presence. It led to an online shift of corporate town hall meetings that attained unmatched popularity in no time. Town Hall meetings have now become feasible with the certainty of success through efficient online meeting platforms.

What is a Corporate Town Hall Meeting?

A corporate town hall holds great importance for almost all organizations. The meeting interests the group of the stakeholders, employees, department managers, board members, etc. The major focus and goal of a team meeting usually are to assure that all the employees of the institution are on the same page. It also includes the discussion of significant pieces of information like future purposes of the company, changes in the policies, service advancements, latest launches, etc. As evident as it is by now, a town hall meeting involves the requirement of a secure & robust virtual team meeting platform to host a formal company gathering.

Let’s move ahead to traverse some of the best practices to organize a matchless & productive Virtual Town Hall Meeting.

Best Practices to Host a Successful Corporate Town Hall

#1 Determine Your Goals

It is substantial to define your meeting goals and objectives clearly while hosting any type of meeting. Planning out all the purposes of any meeting does not only assist you with a seamless execution but also while planning and strategizing other aspects. While preparing for a virtual town hall meeting, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the purpose of your meeting?
  • What factors or discussions do you need to wrap in the meeting?
  • What are the various topics you need to cover in the town hall?
  • Which activities would you incorporate to make your town hall more engaging?
  • What are your requirements for the virtual team meeting platform?

#2 Select the Correct & Suitable Date & Time

Deciding a suitable time, date and schedule will help you make the most out of your town hall meeting. If your teammates & employees belong to different remote locations, you need to remember the time zone of all your attendees. Also, selecting the right day is significant to confirm that your meeting is not descending around some other corporate event that might make it difficult for your employees or meeting participants to be present in the event.

#3 Well Strategize the Meeting Agenda

Preparing for the town hall meeting agenda is another substantial practice that can improve your meeting. The meeting agenda of your online town hall defines the flow, execution, and engagement at your corporate meeting. It is also necessary to confirm that you include intervals during the meeting sessions or other interactive sessions during the agenda to ensure that your teammates don’t lose interest in the event. Thus, structure an effective meeting schedule & agenda for your online meeting to plan a productive meeting.

#4 Send Meeting Invitations at the Right Time

Frame out an engaging online meeting invitation that attracts and motivates your attendees to actively attend and present at the online meeting. Include all the beneficial information about the town hall meeting to give your attendees an overview of the online meeting. For example, you can mention the meeting agenda, team-building exercises, speakers line-up, etc. You can also incorporate FAQs to confirm that none of your employees has any suspicion about the meeting. Another essential thing to contain is the online meeting rules. There are always certain rules & etiquette that your employees must observe in a corporate meeting.

#5 Appreciate Your Employees During the Event

Everybody likes to have acknowledgement and appreciation. It does not only enable your attendees to perform well but also encourages them to confirm the best for the organization. Thus, incorporating a recognition session can be a great thing to add to your town hall meeting. This meeting session can incorporate anything from a bonus for outstanding performance, a peer nomination, a promotion, gifts, etc. It can also implicate awarding the best-performing department or employee.

#6 Include Interactive Activities

It is substantial to grasp your employees’ attention and keep them engaged in the virtual town hall meeting throughout. An advanced virtual town hall meeting platform delivers you with numerous virtual interactive tools and engaging functionalities that help you improve your virtual town hall meeting. To confirm high interactivity, you can incorporate various fascinating virtual games in between the instructive sessions to keep your employees interested & enthralled during the meeting. Mentioned below are some of the best interactive features rendered by a robust virtual meeting platform:

  • Multi-Format Communication
  • 1:1 & Group Chat
  • Networking Lounges
  • Chat Rooms
  • Live Polls and Contests
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Signature Wall
  • Photo Booth

#7 Incorporate Virtual Meal Sessions

While providing a break to your employees from all the significant informative sessions at your town hall meeting, provide a virtual meal break too. In case of a physical corporate meeting, a meal session is arranged in a town hall where all the attendees can connect while having their meals. Nevertheless, a virtual event platform lets you arrange an online meal break where you can mail out food coupons before the meeting and enjoy an online meal session with all the employees.

#8 Follow-Up with the Employees

After the successful execution of your town hall meeting, don’t forget to follow up with all your meeting participants. You can send an official mail to all the attendees, thanking them for their attendance and presence at the town hall meeting. Also, you can incorporate an outline of the meeting through digital documents in the mail.

Looking ahead to hosting an efficient and successful virtual corporate town hall meeting, follow these steps and ensure seamless execution.

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