A Look at the Exponential Growth of Game Translation Services: An 8.22% CAGR Market by 2030

The video game industry has witnessed a significant rise in the last decade. There are various reasons behind this rapid growth; however, game translation services are the most prominent. Well, this is not just a service but a whole industry that has seen growth alongside the gaming industry itself.

According to the statistics, the game translation and localization market was valued at $1.3 billion in 2023. And the number continues to grow and will reach $2.5 billion by the end of 2030, with a CAGR of 8.22%.

Game translation services are a specialized sector that helps gaming companies and developers optimize and modify video game content. The aim is to adapt the games to a variety of cultural, linguistic, and regional contexts.

The Need for Game Localization Services

Translating or localizing your games does not count as an additional feature anymore. It has become a necessity for every game hoping to succeed in the worldwide market.

While stepping into the global landscape, gaming companies should be aware of the language and cultural intricacies of the target region. Knowing that becomes the major reason for your success in a new market.

Back in the day, games used to be played in a controlled environment. That’s probably because of the wiring and connections of screens, consoles, and remote controllers. Now is the time for technological development.

With easy access to mobile phones, gaming is no longer bound by place, age, or device. Anyone, anywhere, can connect with their online friends and play games without any interruption.

Connecting with international partners who speak different languages, come from different cultures, and follow different social practices brings in the need for a bridge to fill up the linguistic and cultural gap.

Other than that, localization is also needed at the development level. There is no meaning in creating a game that doesn’t connect with the audience’s diverse preferences.

Thus, localization is now a crucial step in the development process. This ensures that the game is easily accessible to everyone, regardless of the language and culture of the target region.

How Do Localization Services Increase the Success Rate of Any Game?

For users, a game is a finished product that they simply download, set up according to their preferences, and start to play. However, the process of developing a game that looks and sounds fascinating to the users is very complex.

This is where localization jumps in. Let’s suppose you are a game developer. You have a unique idea, storyline, characters, and areas. But, with all this stuff, is your game ready to appeal to international players? Yes, think about it.

If only the local users are your target, there is no need for it. However, for the global success of your game, you need to adapt it to resonate with diverse audiences’ requirements. And localization is your key.  

Well, you cannot just pick any localization service. Although the industry is rapidly growing, scammers are taking advantage of the situation. So, it is crucial to beware of phishing scams and not just share your IP and other crucial data with anyone without authentication.

How Can You Find Trustworthy Localization Services?

If you don’t want to get spoiled by the hands of scammers, you need to keep in mind a few key characteristics of a reliable localization company:  

  • ISO-Certified: It is a standard certificate for companies registered by ISO. Well, even if the company has this certificate, you need to ensure that it is real or not. For that, you can go to the authentication check online and search for the certificate ID to make sure the company is real.
  • Proven Record of Localization Projects: Look for the projects done by the company and check their expertise. This will help you not only to find the game translation but with software manual translation services as well.
  • Transparent Process: Your data is crucial as you are translating before launch, and there are chances of theft. So, choose a company that has a TMS for efficient handling of your project and keeps you in the loop for tracking the process.
  • Native Linguistics: This is a crucial part. Do not choose novice translators for your games and software. They will not only spoil your game but also your company’s image. So, choose a company that has professional and native linguists.
  • Positive Review History: No one other than the previous users can tell whether the company is reliable and trustworthy or not. So, always check the review history before hiring any translation services.

Looking for a Name?

That’s quite a difficult decision to make for our experts as well. However, with their hands-on experience with different services, they ended up selecting CCJK as a reliable translation service provider for games. The company has been around for more than two decades, working with known gaming companies such as Epic Games.

In conclusion, the rising demand for games from diverse audiences explains the exponential growth of the game translation services market. However, do not trust any service provider without ensuring their reliability and trustworthiness. You can keep the key characteristics in mind, such as track record, process, and review history, to choose the best option for you.


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