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Best Damascus Kitchen Knives 2022

We continue to research our online review of the models of the best Damascus kitchen knives presented in the market media space and at interregional exhibitions in 2020-2021. So far, in addition to extended reviews, additional findings have been made

  • About the interpenetration of oriental-type knives into ideas about modern cooking
  • That there are about two hundred varieties of Damascus kitchen knives, with individual categories according to local or functional characteristics
  • That you can endlessly choose from the best of the best Damascus kitchen knives and compare them with each other.

Not wanting to offend the author’s artisans working to order in the traditional style, we give them their due as trendsetters in design decisions and outstanding blacksmiths. However, further, we will talk about the technological leaders of the “knife” market of the Land of the Rising Sun, such production brands as Tojiro, Fuji, Tadafusa, Samura, Yoshihiro, Kanetsugu, Miyabi, Masahiro, and Mikado. It must be admitted that serial, but still, the best Damascus chef’s knives are more accessible to European, Russian, and American buyers.

Are the best Damascus knives?

There are at least a few objective arguments FOR the legend of “the best Damascus kitchen knife” worth from one to a hundred “kilorubles”, including delivery

The highest domestic requirements for the quality

The highest domestic requirements for the quality of manufacturing and sharpening of knife blades. As a result, Damascus has high manufacturing quality standards in the factories that make chef’s knives.

The predatory cutting ability

The predatory cutting ability of the sharpest high-strength blades.

There is a uniqueness in the models of traditional

There is a uniqueness in the models of traditional Far Eastern and hybrid pro-Western forms of Damascus production. For example, Deba knives, with different sizes and designs, have no analogs in European and overseas culinary equipment.


What are the best Damascus knives?

The best Damascus kitchen knife best meets its purpose with the highest performance. If we talk about serial products, then the competition for the right to call their products “the best Damascus knives” is conducted between several dozen companies, not in terms of the scale of advertising campaigns or sales volumes but in the fact of producing a high-quality series of products with an acceptable price, affordable for the mass consumer on all continents.

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That is, at the level of brand competition, it turns out that the best Damascus knives have, on the one hand, excellent parameters of cutting ability, wear resistance, design, and practicality, and on the other hand, a minimal price tag.

The physical cutting parameters include the degree of sharpness of sharpening; cutting edge hardness; resistance to ph change and corrosion; ease of manual re-sharpening. Other comparative characteristics include the practicality and design of the handle; the need for special care; the weight of the product with the same dimensions.


Knives of the Tojiro brand already habitually appear in the first lines of ratings of the best industrial Damascus kitchen knives. Among mass-produced manufacturers, Tojiro occupies one of the leading positions among the brands of Fujitora, of which it is a division. 

The company introduced its technological developments into the knife industry and became a leader, for the first time mastering multilayer lamination of blades, the five-stage principle of automated sharpening of blades, and the manufacture of hygienic hollow metal handles. 

Own production facilities, highly qualified experts, and the best technological equipment make it possible to produce unique serial models under the Tojiro brand, which, perhaps, are not inferior to the author’s ones.

A series of knives Tojiro-Pro Damascus made of molybdenum steel alloyed with cobalt, vanadium, and chromium, made according to the Damascus forging technology of weaving strips with different carbon content into a bundle. 

These knives can confidently claim the championship, since, in comparison with analogs from other manufacturers, they are cheaper. At the same time, the Tojiro company produces more than one budget series of high-quality kitchen knives for professional and domestic use and therefore is a major player in the market.

Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives

The ridge of this brand is just the Damascus technology for manufacturing a multi-layered fabric, used for kitchen knives. Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives brand knives are distinguished by their versatility of shapes and double-sided sharpening, recognizable handle design, and a complete four-piece supply in a branded box-stand. The developed commercial structure and media presentation of the company to the general public are impressive.

  • The Damascus Suminagashi series quite worthily claims the title of “the best Damascus steel knives”: VG-10 alloy steel + 66 layers of lining, as well as the hardness of 61 HRC.
  • The Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives catalog also has two design series of ceramic knives.

It should be noted that small Damascus forge companies with modest production capacities, which may be limited to one operating enterprise, are also doing well in the global market and are worthy of fighting for the title of “Best”. With well-organized marketing, it can be enough for them to develop one original product line to gain worldwide recognition and expand exports within small/medium-sized businesses.


The products of this small Damascus company can be seen in the example of a similar series of Saiyan Damascus. These knives are also based on VG-10 steel with Damascus lining, hardened to 61 Rockwell, sharpening #10000. The dark micarta handle conveys a delicate, no-frills design with a red stripe. Spectacular black packaging made of textured cardboard makes the chef’s accessory an excellent memorable gift – you just want to buy it to hand it into skillful hands!

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