Bamboo rice

Conceivable Health Benefits Of Bamboo Rice

Bamboo seeds extricated from the forest are subsequently dried and filled in as Bamboo rice. This rice is exceptionally nutritious that replaces normal rice grains in the majority of the ancestral local area families of Northeast and Western ghats as they are permitted to gather the seeds in the backwoods.

Bamboo rice has higher protein content than rice and wheat. Protein, however, likewise has nutrients A, B1, B2, B3, and B6, minerals like calcium, iron, and phosphorus, and fiber, with carbs. With this large number of items, the bamboo rice turns into a nourishment stuffed grain that is much of the time given to youngsters.

Improves Fertility

A broad review done by the Kani clans of Kanyakumari assessed the health benefits of bamboo rice. The investigation discovered that consuming bamboo rice is helping in conceptive capacity and treats richness.

Treats Rheumatic Pain and Joint Pain

Bamboo is wealthy in calcium which is fundamental nourishment for bone health. In this way, consuming bamboo rice improves and keeps up with bone health and diminishes joint agonies, joint inflammation, ailment, and torment in the spine.

Controls Diabetes

Bamboo rice is less in the glycemic record, which is helpful for diabetic patients. The bountiful measure of iron and phosphorus and low glycemic record of the bamboo rice makes it an optimal nourishment for controlling diabetes, keeping up with heart health, and diminishing the dangers of heart extension.

Brings down Cholesterol Level

Bamboo seeds or rice is liberated from fat. Be that as it may, the rice’s starches likewise increment the glucose levels in the blood at a sluggish speed; in general, the rice is helping in bringing down the gathering of cholesterol levels.

The low glycemic record of bamboo rice is exceptionally useful for fat consumption. Bamboo rice brings down cholesterol levels and glucose levels in the blood.

Bamboo rice
Bamboo rice

Wealthy in Protein and Phosphorus Content

The bamboo rice has high protein content, which helps in legitimate development and improvement. The fiber present in this likewise works on the capability of the stomach-related framework. It likewise aids weight reduction by controlling your utilization of food.

Bamboo rice contains very nearly 218 mg of phosphorus, which is a very meriting sum for any rice. It helps in teeth and bone arrangements, and it decides how our body needs to utilize fats and starches and repairs fundamental tissues and organs. It amasses high protein content for additional development. It additionally joins with B nutrients to guarantee muscle constriction, kidney capability, heartbeat, and nerve flagging are typical. Manages Blood Pressure

Bamboo rice as an ordinary feast will direct pulse and hold it under control by keeping up with minerals like calcium, iron, and phosphorus. These minerals cooperate to keep the heart healthy and coordinate mind capabilities.

Healthy benefits of Bamboo Rice


Bamboo rice is improved with calories, a cup of rice has 160 calories, and 8% proposed Daily Value of 2000. While you have bamboo rice while eating fewer carbs, it will rapidly consume off with your standard everyday exercises. For example, 160 calories of a cup of rice can be singed off by 16 minutes running or 13 minutes of rope hopping.


Bamboo rice has Carbohydrates as its essential calorie source. A cup of bamboo rice contains 34 grams of carbs, which is more than (around 9 grams) a cup of cereal. The people who include more athletic exercises can devour bamboo rice as a high-carb food source that assists with filling a day and energies the body.


Dietary fiber is the fundamental compound of Carbohydrates. Bamboo seeds are not the rich wellspring of this dietary fiber. A cup of bamboo rice contains 1 gram of fiber. Our body needs fiber to keep up with stomach-related health and encourage you for quite a while. It additionally keeps glucose levels on check.


Bamboo rice is somewhat low in protein than other rice types. A cup of bamboo rice contains 3 grams of protein, a portion of the worth that an egg contains. To repair and for the development of body cells and tissues, we want protein.


Bamboo rice is totally liberated from fat, which might be gainful for consuming less calories and diabetic patients. In any case, fat in the body offers energy and makes your body admission nutrients.

The Process of Storing Bamboo Rice

With eccentric blossoming and thorned shoots, bamboo rice isn’t difficult to gather and store. To acquire awesome and enhanced bamboo rice, the region around every bamboo tree ought to be cleaned and ought to eliminate garbage. Utilizing slop of mud, the foundation of bamboo shoots must be smoothed and passed on to dry for quite a while. From that point onward, bamboo seeds from bamboo shoots are extricated, put away in a pre-arranged place, and gathered for utilization.

How could it be Different from Other Types of Rice?

To look, bamboo rice is like paddy rice. The uncooked rice suggests a flavor like wheat yet doesn’t have gluten. The bamboo rice has a sharp smell and is sweet to taste. Bamboo rice is cooked like other rice types.

The main spot it varies is in its surface. Bamboo rice becomes soggy and tacky in the wake of cooking and chewy when consumed. It works out positively for dal, sambhar, and other common Indian curries we made in families. On Pongal, they get ready khichdi or Pongal with this rice that preferences incredible. Bamboo rice kheer is a heavenly flavorful that many individuals get ready on favorable festivals and very much want to have on celebration days.

What does Ayurveda say?

As per Ayurveda, bamboo rice is useful for pregnant ladies with a lack nutrients. It is accepted that this rice treats Kapha, Pitta, and other doshas.

Might You at any point Give Bamboo Rice To Children?

The restorative properties and health benefits of Bamboo rice are numerous that demonstrate it a healthy enhancement for youngsters and grown-ups. A variety of nourishments and minerals in the rice settle on this rice a brilliant decision for youngsters in the accompanying ways:

  • It makes the children fiery with its high sugars, nutrients, and minerals contents.
  • It goes about as a detoxifier and cleans numerous crucial body organs and works on their functionalities of them.
  • It facilitates absorption and further develops hunger.
  • It alleviates torment and forestalls different bone infections with its calcium values.
  • It helps in creating and fortifying bones, tissues, and muscles.
  • It supports teeth advancement and keeps up with oral health.

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