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Custom Cardboard Boxes is Better Than Custom Kraft Boxes

If you’ve ever pondered whether custom cardboard boxes is better for shipping your products, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll discuss why custom cardboard is more eco-friendly, more affordable, and better for your business. While you might be wondering whether or not custom Kraft boxes are better for shipping, the truth is that they’re both better than custom cardboard. Keep reading to find out more!

Benefits of custom Kraft packaging

Custom Kraft packaging offers several benefits to your business. You can choose the size of the box, shape, and printing that will best suit your products, and you won’t have to pay for setup fees, expensive printing plates, or space-consuming steel dies. You can even design the box yourself, which gives you even more options for customization. Custom Kraft packaging is also affordable, and you can have as many boxes as you need without breaking the bank.


A top and bottom lid box is one of the most popular types of custom Kraft packaging. These boxes feature sturdy sides, a top lid, and a solid base. They can be bound together for added strength and safety, or bonded with a folding clasp. Customers can also tape the lid and base together to seal the box and avoid product damage. Many products are suitable for this type of box, and it is ideal for small deliveries.


Kraft packaging boxes are one of the most popular types of packaging today. They are strong, sturdy and flexible, and they can be easily customized to meet any shape or design requirement. Custom Kraft packaging boxes are often used to protect fragile items and provide a safe closure. In addition to this, custom Kraft packaging boxes are also ideal for brand awareness and promotional purposes. Because Kraft boxes can be custom made to suit any brand identity, they are an economical option for branding and packaging needs.

Benefits of custom cardboard packaging over custom Kraft packaging

There are countless benefits of using custom cardboard packaging. Customers only see your product when it is packaged in an attractive package. If the packaging does not look appealing, they will not see your product at all. By using attractive packaging, you will be able to catch their attention and help them make a purchase. Custom cardboard boxes have excellent printing capabilities and will help you save money on advertising. It will also look stunning on digital devices and in physical stores.

As far as sustainability is concerned, both custom Kraft and cardboard are environmentally friendly. They are both easy to recycle and dispose of. They are also incredibly strong and durable, making them an ideal choice for many different industries. When choosing between custom cardboard packaging and custom Kraft packaging, make sure to consider your specific needs. If you’re a soap manufacturer, custom Kraft boxes are the best choice for your soap packaging. Custom cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly and recyclable. They can also be reused to protect soaps and other products.


While a company can still use a traditional kraft box, custom cardboard boxes are also environmentally friendly. They are made from recycled materials and don’t require any processing or printing. If your products are 100% recyclable, you can expect that your boxes will be recycled about 60 to 100 percent. This can be beneficial for businesses that have a low carbon footprint and want to control pollution and litter. However, the biggest benefit of custom cardboard boxes is the high-quality finish.


In order to determine which type of box is best for your company’s needs, consider what your clients are trying to accomplish with their packaging. Companies that are aiming for greater recognition as “green” businesses often choose custom cardboard boxes. They want to extend their brand to green consumers and reduce the amount of packaging they create. Kraft boxes are also eco-friendly and can be customized to fit a wide range of product designs and sizes.


There are many ways to find cost-effective custom cardboard boxes for your products. The first way is to purchase multiple boxes, ranging from one hundred to a thousand. The larger the quantity, the better the price. Then, choose boxes that will meet your needs. Keep in mind that some companies require specific items to be included, while others will not. Then, select a box that matches both your requirements and your budget.

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Another way to find a cost-effective custom packaging solution is to consider how many units you will need. Small-scale projects typically have a higher unit cost, as the setup requires cleaning the machine and changing components. These projects also require a higher price per unit, because it takes longer to complete the project than larger-scale ones. By comparing the costs of different options, you can find the best option for your business.


Cardboard packaging has several advantages over other packaging materials, including cost, environmental friendliness, and aesthetics. Cardboard is typically lightweight, making it easier to handle and transport. It can be used for a variety of applications. The benefits of custom packaging far outweigh the cost savings, so it is well worth the money. Here are just a few of them:

Firstly, cardboard boxes are very adaptable. They can be cut to any shape, pasted, and bound. Essentially, the possibilities for cardboard packaging are endless. With custom cardboard packaging, you can create a product’s appearance in an inexpensive, attractive way. The flexibility to cut and paste cardboard boxes gives them a unique look that no other packaging material can match. It can even be customized to accommodate different products or multiple destinations.

Cardboard boxes also save retailers money, which is especially important for new enterprises. Besides being affordable, custom cardboard packaging boxes can also be highly durable. Since custom cardboard boxes are made on-demand, retailers can save a significant amount of money. Additionally, the ability to create custom boxes eliminates the need to purchase bulk boxes or guestimate box quantities. Custom boxes can be designed to meet specific needs and budget constraints. You can choose any type of design and style that suits your business.


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