Dharam Patni Story of Pratiksha

Dharam Patni Story of Pratiksha and a billionaire Randhawa

Colors TV’s hit show Dharam Patni tells the love story that follows a simple sweet educator at school, Pratiksha Parekh, and a business billionaire Ravi Randhawa. What happens when two individuals of different social classes and backgrounds meet due to marriage and eventually fall in love is fascinating.

In the episode before, Raghu tells Malhar that Thakur is here to felicitate him. Thakur declares that they’ve arrived to express their gratitude. Malhar says that Pratiksha will be his obligation and is confident that their wedding will be full of love.

He praises Pratiksha a lot. He asks that they should leave him alone. He regrets that he didn’t see Pratiksha’s actual appearance while Keerti was alive. Ravi vows never to change Pratiksha’s fate. Ravi discovers that Parul has told her family members that she wants Ravi to marry his sister Pratiksha. They congratulate Malhar and even flirt with him.

Malhar sings praises for Pratiksha and declares that he wants only Pratiksha. Manvi applies Tilak to the groom’s forehead. She believes that his nose is different from Ravi’s. Deepanshu is agitated and asks that Aditya phone Ravi or he’ll quit. Family members consisting, including Ravi and Kavya, are enjoying the wedding festivities. Ravi grieves Keerti. He recollects his goal and is resolute at Dharam Patni.

Hansa asks Parul about her choice to refer to Ravi’s last name. Paul is preparing to leave. She throws a clay water vessel on the fire. The marriage is destroyed. 

Hansa scolds Parul. Pratiksha and her siblings walk up the stairs for a rest. Thakur, along with Raghu, arrive masked. They are searching for Malhar. Pratik stops them and demands to verify their identities. Hansa tells Pratik that she’s certain Ravi is not at the stadium. Ravi will strike at the last second. Raghu and Thakur find Malhar’s bedroom.

Ravi Interrupts Pratiksha’s Wedding

They see Ravi in the area and need clarification about why he’s there. They decide not to pay the man attention and instead concentrate on Malhar. He is shocked to witness Thakur and Raghu waiting in front of him.

Hansa is instructed by Pandit Ji to call the groom first and later the bride. Ravi engages Malhar in combat. Ravi throws a glass bottle over Malhar’s head and says, “You will be the police officer but no longer the groom.”

She hopes that her marriage won’t be a problem in the future. Ravi is in a room when she is greeted by the pandit who helped him gain entry to the venue. Aditya can keep Deepanshu from being snatched by Harneet.

Deepanshu informs Aditya that he’s unable to act as he is and asks that Aditya get in touch with Ravi. Pratiksha and Malhar are getting married. Ravi appears before them, pours water over the flame, and then says that he promised he would not allow her wedding to occur, and he halted the ceremony. Pratiksha questions why. Ravi states that she is his favorite. Panditji wants Ravi to wear a sindoor over her in Dharam Patni Drama.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next episode. Does Raghav’s shocking revelation put Bhawana in further trouble? What happens when Bhawana discovers that Aanchal is secure? How can Aanchal discover Bhawana? Can Aanchal be able to find Bhawana?

In the track currently playing, it shows Bhawana pleading with Malini to help her, which is why she apologizes to Bhanu. Malini is furious at her. Bhawana insists that Abhishek and Jagjivan be quiet, but they leave home. Malini shuts the door behind Bhawana’s face. Savita is informed that Bhanu has attacked Raghav, and Bhawana made a statement about Bhanu.

Aanchal Fights Back Against Her Attacker

She knows that Bhawana is in this situation for that reason alone. Swati smiles as she realizes that the situation is getting exciting. Gaurav worries about Raghav’s safety. Aanchal needs a helper to contact Bhawana. The man follows her to her house and attempts to moleish her. Aanchal confronts the man before calling Raghav through the man’s phone.

Before she can inform Raghav about her location, the man attacks Aanchal. Raghav is worried about the safety of Aanchal, while Bhawana asks God for the safety of Aanchal. Aanchal remembers the advice of Bhawana to be courageous, so she beats up the person who approaches her and molests her. Raghav is there to save Aanchal and lauds her for her bravery.

He takes her to her home and tells her what transpired in her absence. Aanchal swipes at the Shastri family for throwing Bhawana out of the home. Raghav’s revelations about Aanchal’s kidnapping shocked the Shastris. Aanchal quits, determined to locate Bhawana.

Raghav walks with Aanchal and tells Swati that he wants her to assist him somehow. Swati agrees. In the meantime, Bhawana seeks out an auto rickshaw to search for Aanchal at all costs.

Bhawana, along with Aanchal, will also arrive along with luggage. They will both enter Srivastav’s home. Savita is likely to be stunned. Swati will smile happily.

Bhawana Finds Aanchal

Bhawana is taken to Jagjivan, but the cab driver also enters. Bhawana is left feeling helpless after Malini shuts the door behind her face. Savita gets a phone email from Brij Mohan. She finds out that Bhawana makes a statement about Bhanu, who slays Raghav. Swati is a bit giddy, thinking this could be more exciting than she thought of doing. The kidnappers drop Aanchal on the street. In the meantime, Bhawana appeals to the members of the society to assist her in attempting to call Aanchal. However, someone else is willing to assist her. Gaurav has a lot of questions and worries about the whereabouts of Raghav.

Aanchal needs a male’s assistance to reach her mother. The mother hits Aanchal by claiming the phone was located inside the home. Aanchal pursues his trial. Bhawana is concerned about Aanchal’s safety. The priest pleads with Bhawana to trust in God. Raghav arrives at the spot where the kidnapper tells him to take Aanchal. He is worried about not being able to find Aanchal. Then he decides to contact the police as Aanchal has not yet reached him.

Bhawana, on the other hand, illuminates Diya and asks God to assist her in getting the back of her Aanchal. On the other side, Aanchal confronts the man trying to move him. Aanchal takes advantage of the opportunity to contact the man using his mobile. Raghav is concerned, wondering if Aanchal is secure or not. Raghav takes a step toward Aanchal. Aanchal remembers the words of Bhawana about her constantly being nervous. Still, when she had her baby in the womb, she was sure she wanted her daughter to stand tall like her. She provides her with books about women strong enough to face the odds

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