Emerald stone

Emerald stone, their identity, benefits and price

Emeralds are beautiful and dazzling gemstones with a green color that can captivate anyone with their charm and appeal. They are also very important and powerful astrological stones in India. They are said to bring the blessings of a Greek goddess who represents love and beauty in life.

That is why emeralds are also known as the “stone of successful love”. But emeralds have more benefits than just giving successful love. They are linked to the planet Mercury in Vedic astrology. Budh Grah is known for wisdom and intelligence. It is believed that wearing emeralds can enhance the mind, intellect, and progress of the wearer in any field they desire. This is why many businessmen, students, writers, and artists are advised to wear emeralds to get maximum results and benefits.

Weak Mercury can cause problems like low self-confidence, fear of public speaking, stammering, stage fright, or any issue related to social interactions or public expressions. It can also increase the chances of being cheated or having setbacks in education and career. If you are facing any of these problems, then you should wear an emerald stone after consulting an astrologer.

Identification Of Emerald Gemstone

Emeralds are delicate and durable gemstones that have black spots due to carbon. These spots help identify emeralds, which also have cracks that do not affect their quality. Emeralds are mined from coal deposits. Wearing emeralds can have many benefits, such as calming the mind, enhancing reasoning and alertness, and protecting from harm. Emeralds also have some associated beliefs, such as easing childbirth if worn by a pregnant woman and exposing enemies if worn by anyone. To distinguish real emeralds from fake ones, one can use these methods: – A real emerald feels cool on the eyes, while a fake one heats up quickly. – A real emerald emits green light in water, while a fake one does not. – A drop of water on a real emerald stays in shape, while a drop of water on a fake one spreads out.

Benefits Of Emerald Gemstone

Wearing an Emerald Stone can boost the wearer’s artistic skills, creativity, and thought expression. It is useful for those who want to excel in creative fields like writing, education, and business. Emerald stone gives the wearer a high level of intellectual power and the ability to analyze and understand reality more deeply and differently than others.

The wearer of this gemstone can achieve fame and success in the direction they are working hard and making efforts in. Panna stone helps the wearer to come up with new ideas and inventions. It also helps the wearer to overcome the competition. If your child is poor in their studies or does not get the results he wants despite his efforts, then It can be a magical stone for Them. This stone improves the learning ability of students and helps them to perform well in exams. It is a healing gemstone, especially for those who have trouble focusing and concentrating for a long time.

It also benefits people who have difficulty making decisions and sticking to them in life. Emerald Gemstone also has healing powers. It can cure a person who has allergies, respiratory diseases, skin problems, and nervous disorders. It also helps a person who has problems with clear speech and stammering in expressing their thoughts and ideas. It can also provide the wearer with emotional stability and strength to cope with hard and traumatic times. It is also recommended to people who are facing challenges in life and going through a rough phase in life.

  • Success in creative ventures

  • It helps in financial growth and prosperity

  • Its Brings wisdom and sharpens your mind

  • It enhances skills and improves communication

  • Improves physical health

What Was The Price Of An Emerald Gemstone

The Emerald stone is one of the members of the legendary Navaratnas, and it was so precious and beneficial for the wearer that it was in demand also the price of the Emerald stone ranges between $200 to $9,000 per carat it depending on the color and the origin.

The price of Panna stone in India ranges between Rs.450 to Rs.41000 per Ratti. The pricing of an emeralds or any other Gemstone is Depend on the major 4 factors which are also known as 4C pricing factors with the 4C origin of the gemstone also a major factor for deciding the Pricing of a Gemstone.

Here are the 4C 

  1. Color

  2. Cut

  3. Clarity

  4. Carat

Besides, as I told you the price also depends on the origin of the gemstone so by the know about the origin the quality of the stone is also measured as Brazil Emerald is one of the best Emerald gemstones in the world, after this Zambia Emerald gemstones are in the list, as so Russian Emerald gemstones also have high quality but the pricing was so high as per quality.


Emerald stones are not just stunningly beautiful gems, but they also hold great significance in Vedic astrology and have numerous benefits for the wearer. These benefits range from enhancing intellect and creativity to healing physical and emotional ailments. The identification of genuine emeralds is crucial, and various methods can be used to distinguish them from fake ones. The pricing of an emerald stone depends on factors such as color, cut, clarity, carat, and origin, with the Brazilian emerald being the best quality. If you are looking for success in your personal and professional life, or seeking to overcome challenges, wearing an emerald stone after consulting an astrologer can prove to be beneficial. So if you wanna buy a Gemstone So you can buy it online now with the certificate of Originality as Rashi Ratan Bhagya was a perfect place for buying Loose gemstones at wholesale prices they offer you very large amounts of precious and Semi-Precious Gemstone like Ruby, Panna, Red Colar, White Topaz, blue sapphire and so on so if you wanna buy a Gemstone Must check out The Rashi Ratan Bhagya Website for quality Gemstone at the best price.

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