How to make a Facebook post interesting enough to make it shareable

Facebook Is a platform that provides the facility to connect with billions of other Facebook users.

As more and more people are getting connected on Facebook the need of having more security arises so for these concerns of people the platform has introduced more options for the security concerns of people. These settings include sharing the posts with only yourself, with your

Facebook friends, custom and for everyone using the Facebook platform. So, to make a Facebook post shareable we have to adjust a few settings for that.

Sharing Facebook Posts:

Since people do love to share posts that they find really amazing, it can be informative or an amusing meme (haha we all really enjoy sharing memes). Sharing posts can be useful for businesses for reaching more audiences, helping businesses to grow or it can be useful for a small startup as well. It is also beneficial for the personal branding of individuals over the internet.

Why Sharing:

We, humans, tend to share our precious moments within our circle that includes our family, friends, colleagues, teachers, and neighbors. This sharing becomes our way of communication with one another creating a bond. It keeps updating us about our happy or sad moments like getting married, a new job, car, our favorite hobbies, or sharing our low moments as well.

Along with this sharing posts can be created for creating awareness about societal issues, physical and mental well being, global issues that include global warming, science, and technology-related helpful information for the betterment of individuals, society globally irrespective of countries, boundaries resultantly impacting a great masses for a better world.

If we consider a small business or a start-up, Facebook is such a great and favorable option to opt for in order to attain attention and reach from the audience. They can start showing their ideas, stories, and experiences with the help of pictures and videos that can reach a large mass of people and can increase their reach to more and more people.

Factors to Consider while Planning for a Shareable Post:

With the passage of time and with the more use of technology people tend to want the results immediately so we should not write long sentences, rather the sentences should be short and concise.

The writings should look clear by applying appropriate spaces between the text/ passages so that it would become much easier for the audience to read and not to break the focus.

Another most important aspect to consider is the theme such as text font, the usage of color greatly impacts it’s appearance, the background texture also plays a major role in it’s reach.

While sharing a Picture it should not contain unnecessary noise/items. The picture should be taken in good light and also should be clear. One thing to note here is that not to apply too many filters and editing as it looks unreal.

Ideas for Catching Audience Attention:

Content should be informative and it should be a valuable addition for a reader. Ensuring the reader’s attention is key to getting engagement. Here let’s discuss some catchy ideas for having the audience attention:

  1. Topics that are trending. Trending posts catch People’s attention and has a higher rate of getting shared and comments.
  2. Making videos is a great idea to have engaged audience.
  3. Sharing Photos is showcasing your talent and also of your business products.
  4. Sharing infographics combines a visually appealing picture with information. Information can be represented in the form of graphs, charts for creating awareness and educational purposes.
  5. Asking questions from your audiences.
  6. Post at peak times when majority of people are online. Try to avoid posting at Saturday nights as most of the people are not available online.

Factors to Consider for an Engaged Audience:

  • Don’t just post bulky text. Try to add photos and video with text.
  • Try to have some fun by sharing memes , light hearted jokes in accordance with your brand or identity as it helps people understand your identity more and they’ll find it more relatable and attractive.
  • Have Questions/Answer session with your Audience to build understanding and trust.
  • Have Live Sessions and connect with people.
  • Visit Facebook pages and have a look at their work, you might learn by their strategies and have to update your strategies to get engaged audience.
  • Try recycling , reposting your previously posted material.
  • Try to boost your posts that you find having the best perform post to increase your reach.
  • To connect with your Audience, you need to reply their comments and appreciate their time and presence. This way the trust between both of sides will be built which will prove to be beneficial for both.
  • Announce gifts, giveaway for your audience.
  • Take feedback from your audiences from time to time and share their honest views with your Audience and try to eliminate your mistakes.
  • Focus on quality more than quality.
  • Look for insights tab in Facebook and know about your impact that includes number of posts, number of likes.

These are ideas and factors to consider for catching audience’s attention. So go create your post and let us know how we helped you in your journey.

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