Things to consider for making post on Facebook shareable

It happens many times that you share a post on Facebook for a purpose to get liked and shared. What if your friends and followers do not find a share button in your post? Maybe you and your friends want a wider reach of audience to your post. This happens when you have not edited or changed the privacy settings to make your Facebook post shareable. For your information, Facebook allows you to change the visibility of the share button of the individual Facebook post of your profile and also the Facebook pages and groups that you have created, which is quite an easy task to do. See in this article how to make your Facebook post shareable by just simple editing of your post not only before uploading but also in an already uploaded post. So worry not. Read this article to the end to get your answer.

Steps to edit the settings

In order to make a post Shareable on Facebook, we need to change certain settings. Setting up these changes takes just 1 Minute. So let’s get to the point.

We might encounter a Post but there is no shareable option there, wait we got a solution over here.

To make a post shareable on a Facebook platform, we need to look up the settings in Privacy Settings.

There are different case scenarios to consider for posts to make it shareable and are discussed in great detail in each case.

Case-1: Making an already uploaded post Shareable

Open the post that you want to edit. Now click or tap on three dots above (upper right corner) the post. There will be a list of different options there, you have to choose Edit optionand then choose Public.

Case-2: New post on your timeline

Go to the timeline of your Facebook profile. Tap or click on three dots above the post that you want to make it shareable. Edit post and choose in accordance with the desired audience. Either you want this visibility limited to your friends or friends of friends.

Case-3: All of your timeline posts

Go to the timeline of your Facebook profile and choose Settings to go to Privacy and choose your activity and finally choose Public as a default setting. Now all the posts will now be Public as default and you can also change the settings for all the posts and for the individual posts as well.

Case-4: Post of a Facebook page

Posts on a Facebook page are always public and every post is visible to anyone. It does not matter whether a person has liked or followed the page or not, he can see that Facebook page’s posts for sure. And by visibility to the post means that anyone who is seeing the post can also share it very easily that requires no settings. An uploader cannot just hide the share button as long as it is a public page.

So, if you want to share the post, go to the post and select the “share” option, and click on “share now”. You can also write your message with that post and you are good to go.

Case-5: Post of a Facebook group

Facebook group’s post visibility does have some privacy settings, unlike a Facebook page. These posts can be shareable or not, this depends on the type of Facebook group. These are of two types. One is a public group that functions almost like a Facebook page. It is completely visible to everyone and anyone can share the posts with anyone as the group is public. Yes, if the creator or admin does some changes then it’s completely up to him to edit the privacy settings or not. But the posts are shareable for everyone from everyone.

The second one is a private group in which the members who have joined the group can see the group’s posts only. There is still a sharing option but a private Facebook group’s post can only be shared by a group member to those who are part of that group and have joined as a member. It cannot be shared outside the Facebook group’s platform; only the members of that particular group can see that particular post.

For this go to the share option and click, now you are good to “share now

Case-6: a Facebook friend’s post

If you see an interesting and worth sharing post on one of your friend’s timelines and you want to share but did not find a share button on this post then it is completely depending upon your friend’s privacy settings. It is probably because your friends have made some privacy edits and do not allow their posts to be shared. If you still want to share you should ask your Facebook friend to edit the privacy settings to make the post shareable for you and others.

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