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MBBS in China

MBBS in China is gaining ground among international students worldwide, simply because Chinese public universities are recognized worldwide and degrees from Chinese universities are highly recognized and highly regarded internationally. Potential medical students, especially those from South Asian countries, have always felt comfortable in traditional Chinese socially compatible institutions. MBBS Admission in China are not only economical for international students, as a wide choice of universities, lower tuition fees and scholarships are available for outstanding students.

Applications for the 2022-2023 MBBS in China are now open, apply now!

Admission for MBBS in China Autumn-March 2022, admissions are now open, please apply as soon as possible to WHO/MOE/PMC accredited and approved Chinese public universities and medical schools, WhatsApp +923094103639 or email. The minimum score required for admission to English language universities (F.Sc Premedical) is 70%, while the minimum score required for Chinese MBBS bilingual courses is 60%.

MBBS universities in China Application form

MOE list (Ministry of Education, China) and PMC list – Universities in English-speaking countries

Guangzhou Medical University Sichuan Medical University Kunming Medical University MBBS in China Scan and apply online MBBS in China Guangzhou Medical University

List of MBBS MOE in China, English speaking universities

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As a potential international medical student, the national universities in China where the language of instruction is English are the best and most suitable option to study MBBS, but not all of them and some of them are the most suitable for Pakistani students for several reasons.

In China, the Ministry of Education only allows English-language universities to teach English to international students, and only these universities, also known as “listed universities”, can offer MBBS courses.

At intimestudyadvisors, we have more than 25 years of experience in helping students gain admission to the top Chinese medical universities listed by the Ministry of Education.

English language universities in China listed by the Ministry of Education

The annual cost of a listed UK university is around PKR 100,000-110,000, including tuition fees, dormitory fees and meals. The MBBS programme consists of five years of study followed by a one-year internship, so it takes a total of six years to complete the MBBS and graduate; the total cost of the MBBS programme after graduation is between PKR 650,000 and PKR 700,000.

Unfortunately, most Pakistanis are not aware of any English-language universities listed by the Ministry of Education that offer MBBS courses legally.

Non-English-speaking universities are called bilingual universities. Tuition fees range from PKR 750 to PKR 850 per year and include all fees such as tuition, accommodation, and meals.

The following students can apply to English language universities

BSc with at least 70% marks. A pre-medical degree with at least 60% in the main subject. If they do not achieve these scores, they cannot apply to universities designated by the Ministry of Education.

Bilingual Universities for MBBS in China:

Pakistani students are more likely to enroll in these universities because of lower tuition fees. Although most of them, except a few, do not have an MBBS degree. Their degree is called MB (Bachelor of Medicine), and these universities require students to study and pass the HSK4 qualification in the first year. HSK4 is a one-year Chinese language course, which is very important for the qualification because otherwise they will not be able to enter the second year and continue their medical studies.

The disadvantages of bilingual universities are as follows

The tragedy is that many students who do not study enough cannot even qualify, and if they fail, they are thrown out of universities and then live in hotels to return (which they often hide from their families).

In bilingual universities, medicine is taught in English, but there is a danger that at any moment it will revert to Chinese. In the past, many universities were bilingual and in the second-year medicine was taught in English, but then it reverted to Chinese and all students had to either study in Chinese or go to another university. (Since migrating to China is not even an option) and it is all a matter of discrete risk, some universities suddenly reverted to the Chinese environment, such as Taishan Medical University, Jining Medical University, and many others.

Keep in mind that if a student studies medicine in Chinese, it will be difficult for him to get admission in PMC in Pakistan as students studying abroad have to study in English.

Some of the reliable bilingual Chinese universities that offer medical courses in English include.

While it is difficult to be responsible for bilingual universities in general, even those that in our experience are the best are the best at finding potential students who either have grades below 70% or want to study medicine at a low cost.

We can recommend our services and give recommendations to these students. Otherwise, if you want to study cheap, you are wasting your future, your money, and your time, so talk to us or secure a good future by consulting an experienced medical education consultancy.

Do not rush into a decision as this is not something you can buy cheaply in the market and then regret. It is a waste of time and money and will not do you any good in the future.


If you want to get a Master’s degree in medicine and you want to do your internship in a Commonwealth country or abroad, you can only be admitted to an English-speaking university.

If you are serious about your future and want to choose an experienced and reliable consultancy firm for your MBBS, English or Bilingual university application, you have come to the right place. Every year, we are approached by MBBS candidates in China and those who are doing a lot of research for their future MBBS studies to meet their needs.  At NICE Consultants, we are always happy to provide you with the best possible service based on our exceptional experience and up-to-date information.

How can I apply for an MBBS in China?

If you are seriously interested in applying for MBBS in English or Bilingual, simply scan your documents and send them via WhatsApp or email. Pay the admission fee and we will help you choose the best university and facilitate your admission. Students who are waiting for their exam results can also apply for admission.

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