How can you start YouTube (r) channel and earn money

starting your YouTube (R) YouTube (R) channel, you could give you many opportunities to earn financial income. By committing yourself to consistent and successful strategies, you will probably find that you can create the following and increase the amount of money you earn thanks to YouTube (R).
One of the opportunities offered by the platform is the ability to make a profit from the views of advertising and the ability to submit the ads paid and follow the YouTube (R) partner program.
But before various methods were tested that allow you to earn cash through your channel, it is important to know the potential financial benefits related to YouTubers. In the area
if you are wondering what you can do to create a YouTube (R) channel and make money from it, then no longer look. This article will provide every strategy to earn money from your YouTube channel and Buy YouTube Subscribers for Channel monetize Videos as well as artistic work.

What is the best way to create an account on YouTube? YouTube (R) Account

To make money on YouTube (R), to make money on YouTube (R), the very first step you need to do is become a part of the Creator Community that uses the site. Then you have to start your own YouTube (R) channel. This is surprisingly simple.
There are many steps to take to create an account on YouTube (R) from the beginning and make it successful, but usually only a Gmail account is needed. You can apply on YouTube and create channels by going to the Settings and Configuration section that will be displayed in the upper right corner of your desktop.
Here you can customize your account according to your needs, such as changing your username and selecting your profile or even an image for your background. There are all the tools needed to upload videos and create captivating descriptions and names, as well as analyze their performance using YouTube (R) analysis tool.

Save customers loyal by delivering a quality blog

One of the strategies we will discuss to earn money from YouTube (R) must focus on maintaining viewers, providing quality content. It is easy to understand that if viewers don’t even see your content, it will be extremely difficult to make profits using your videos.
To create loyal spectators, you need to take several actions:
First of all, you need to contact the fans by showing your presence in different channels and answering the comments and questions they create in the videos. Note what they say and use their feedback to generate ideas for your news.
If you don’t get a lot of comments, you can edit your video or include the action on the action -oriented place.
If you realize that your group has a lot of determined viewers, think about ways to show recognition for those who are loyal, they could be included in the video and gifts, or someone you think about thinking they would like.
Take part in their videos. If you could ask them to take part in your videos using video streaming or meeting them on the spot, you can add a nice personal touch.

What can I do to earn money from YouTube (R)

Now we need to think about a way to make money successfully using YouTube (R). In the next section, we will discover the most successful methods used by the most famous content creators on the platform.

General requirements

not surprisingly, most content creators cannot benefit from the video uploading on YouTube (R). The content creator must observe special general guidelines that were created to ensure that offensive or offensive material is not evicted.
These standards were set after brands, such as Audi or L’Oreal, removed their ads in March 2017 to make sure they were not shown in a video that did not reflect their views and values.
The requirements you need to be able to meet:
There is a well -optimized YouTube (R) account that can be used for making money.
Use keyword suggestion tools.
Create a new content according to your industry, and the needs of the audience are looking.
HTML0Promot your videos on other platforms.

Create a Banner for your stream

through the curtains like a canvo, can push the actions can be aware of the chance of the chalk. So you can pull the viewers into your stream.

Change your videos

as the presence of the first idea is a great thing to judge your video to give the best to be the best. The standard of the video is the standard of the job and his job, the most important part of the videos at your site, and can help the earnings. Natural, the process of processing your video about the amount of the most powerful data. However, not to be a comparison between this in the middle of this unit (good as much).

Describe the stream you are using

the attachment is important to an explanation of recreational reference to the new authors and viewers for your streams. Think of this as a complement to give you a chance to describe the story of your channel’s story. Check to put the amount with the words about your month to help you to choose your email to have your email.

Practice Seo

besides the word in the fields in your website and use each of the SEO of SEO to increase your account.
Some of these actions about these actions:
Do the players who receive the words you want to match videos about your own company about the crowd.
Explain the video to take the right to use the words to select the fingers to select, use the correct signals and so on.

YouTube (r) are doing your personal picture

The most important amount of what makes your health to work with the most freedoms you are involved in. The self-self-self-esteem is the person to open from the other matching things until you can talk to the place of personal connection.
In development of self-esteem, it is important to understand:
Don’t be ashamed to express the teacher who do the case or the subject you choose for your resource. Use your thoughts to come with the thoughts to do something to make a suggestion as if you want to be like what you want to be like what. Your private picture can help you to build relationships with brands to get the budgets and the right products to get the money to get the money from YouTube from YouTube.
If you have a favor of the same associated relating to the favor in your face in your face on YouTube (r) …
It is worth follow the right course to increase your YouTube of your YouTube (r) Channel as to do
YouTube (r) class

YouTube Ads (R), the most reliable method for getting cash

one way to make money through the YouTube channel (R) is with an advertising view.
In order to be accepted as a partner, you must be able to join your channel with Google Adsense, a company advertising platform. Advertisers use adsense to place offers in video, based on aspects such as audiences that you are targeting and video content and related search terms.
In general, you will be paid according to the number of your “display” video, which is when someone clicks or watching advertisements.
Advertising costs are based on CPM (cost per 1,000 display) which means that users are required to see at least thirty -second commercial or all advertisements in very small video also known as BPK (Cost per click) and people who see must click on ads. Advertisements that are passed will not be clicked on costs.
Google is responsible for 68% of the revenue generated by advertising. This means that for each ad an advertiser pays Google, the user is paid 68 Euros. .
The typical advertiser will pay between 10-30 cents for each ad click of around 18 cents for each view.

Various types of formats for advertising

It is important to know it is important to note that there are various ad formats that you can decide to include in your video, including:

Unabled Video Ads

The ad format can be played before, after, or even during its contents, and as shown by the title, the audience will not be able to miss the ad. Ads can be played in all types of gadgets, with the exception of video games or television consoles because they are paid every time the user sees the add


Ads are displayed in videos that last more than 10 minutes and can only be accessed on mobile devices and laptops. If someone can watch all advertisements or only for 30 seconds, then they will make money.


This is a commercial video that cannot be stored and is only 6 seconds long and is paid only when the person watches it along the way.

Cellular Ads

According to their name the fact that they can only be present in video clips played on tablets or cell phones. They are located on video metadata and the cost per impression or per click, based on the type of video.


they are displayed next to the video exclusively on the desktop. They are paid per show or per click, but they are less profitable than advertisements that can be lowered.

Overlay ad

only available on their desktop is an overlay ad which takes 20 percent of the screen. They only pay to click on advertisements.

Video ads that can be lowered

Skippable advertisement 5 seconds after starting. They can appear at any time during your website, but they have the benefit that they generate income regardless of the gadget they play. Know that the money is paid only when the user can see the entire video or played for thirty minutes.

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