How far in advance do you send out wedding invitations?

There are lots of things with which people can plan while going to a wedding. One of them is that they need to send an invitation. Getting to know the best time to send them can help avoid added pressures. Courtesy makes sure your guests schedule themselves and show up to fill your special day with happiness.

Save the Date Cards

Save the date before wedding invitations. It is used to let your invitees know that you have set a date for your wedding. And would be glad if they honored the invitation by attending the occasion. These are usually posted about six to eight months before the wedded couple is due to be wed. Such notices inform your guests to remind them of the events which are always useful for calendaring purposes. This is very essential in case the marriage is held at a different location from where the couple resides.

Timing for Wedding Invitations

It is recommended that invitations be given four to six weeks before the wedding.  It gives adequate lead time for guests to attend the function. And also acts in conformity with societal standards of acceptable behaviors. The invitations should be sent 60 to 90 days before the wedding. If the wedding will only take place in another corner of the country. This also aids the guests in planning ways and means of transport and where to spend the night.

RSVP Deadlines

The deadline for giving an RSVP is also very important. Mention this date as part of your wedding invitation. It must be done about three to four weeks before the wedding. It outlines the number of attendees to be fed and seated. This deadline is ideal for making the necessary arrangements. Create an environment and setting where it is easy for them (guests) to respond to decisions quickly.

Consider Special Circumstances

Another consideration is the timing of invitations with some individuals in mind. The holidays for instance may take time before replying to invitations due to tight schedules. These times, people may have other affairs outside this testing period. But if you are to wed during such times then consider sending the invites a little early. This will guarantee your guests that they can attend without any form of compromise.

Electronic Invitations

Some people have electronic invites for the ceremony. These can be sent out closer to the event time.  e-invites are more convenient when compared to traditional ones, and it does not hurt the environment. Still, such an option may not be ideal for guests who prefer private spaces or have certain rooms they wish to occupy.

Flower Wedding Invitations

Flower-themed wedding invitations are probably one of the most demanded ones. These invitations contain beautiful floral engravings that give this type of invitation a romantic touch. They can also be made to correspond to the given theme for the wedding. Adding floral prints gives your invitations a cute look that is amazing for any event.

International Guests

The international guests particularly extend invitations two to three months before the date of the event. This gives them enough of an opportunity to organize transport and visas. Maybe it is valuable to have a digital version of the invitation sent along with the physical one. This way they are sure to receive it before the delays of the posts deprive them of this important document.

Follow-Up with Guests

Checking with such guests may also be advisable since not all guests may immediately respond. A reminder a little before the due date of RSVP is equally good to be given. This is useful in ascertaining the real number of guests that are expected to make all the relevant arrangements. It is always important to plan with the director of the project to ensure that the planning is effective.

Wedding Invitations Websites

A wedding website can be helpful along with the invitations. But they are not necessary for all couples planning for a wedding. Make it detailed to include aspects. Such as the venue for accommodation, means of transport, and the timetable leading to the wedding. Explain to visitors where to find more information on these services from your website. This can lessen the number of questions and channel the flow of the conversation.


Lack of proper timing to send out wedding invitations may greatly affect the overall process of planning a wedding. The recommended time of treatment ranges from six to eight weeks. However, emergencies can lead to changes in the required periods. Flower wedding invitations make the invite memorable. Thus, making it better than the rest since it has that touch of elegance. That timing allows your guests to plan themselves, and be part of the big event is very important. 

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