How To Avoid Permanent Stains on Your Carpet; Post-Holiday Carpet Cleaning

How To Avoid Permanent Stains on Your Carpet: Post-Holiday Carpet Cleaning

Celebrating your holidays with loved ones is the happiest and most relaxing time that we have in our lives. Making new things happen, feeling joyful, and sharing thoughts about life makes your holiday more precious. But there are certain things that cause uneasiness after the gathering and pastries on holiday. The major cause of displeasure is the dirty look of your house, especially your floor carpets.

After a holiday, you will have to spend your whole day making your home presentable. While there are many professionals for carpet cleaning Abu Dhabi and dry cleaning Dubai Marina services for having a timeless cleaning for your floor carpets and rugs. However, there are some tips and tricks to make the carpet clean at home with some unique and worthy ideas.

Remove the stains from the carpet right away

It is not possible to escape the spills and stains on the carpet during the joyful moments with friends and family. Nevertheless, you can deal with these stains at the moment. Tap the wet stain with tissue paper or a dry cloth, avoid rubbing and whipping it will make the stain spread on the fibers.

Always try to clean the mess on the spot and make quick actions for the stains. Don’t delay the spill cleaning as it gets deeper and becomes permanent with time, so try to clean it quickly.

Vacuum the carpet as the party finish

As soon as the part is finished, go for a vacuum cleaning of your carpet. There will definitely be food particles, debris, or dust embedded in the fibers of your carpet or rug. Do not waste your time, go for the vacuum and remove all the debris from the carpet. The longer the particles stay in the carpet, the deeper they penetrate and it will be difficult to remove them.

The food particles can cause the development of fungus or bacteria in the fiber of your rug. Always do the vacuum in the direction of the fibers or fur. It will keep the fluff soft and smooth. For small rugs and foot mats, you can use a small brush to remove the dust and food particles tracked inside the fibers.

Cosmetic stain removal

How is it possible that a female party is without having the makeup stuff everywhere? Similarly, the cosmetics can be dropped on the rug and cause tough stains such as lipstick. Whenever you got such a situation do not try to rub or wipe it with a wet cloth, it will spread the stain all over. Instantly take a tissue paper and place it on the stain to absorb maximum. Then you can use alcohol stuff to remove the stain from the carpet. After maximum removal of stain from rubbing alcohol, go to the carpet cleaning Abu Dhabi for complete stain disposal.

Candle wax removal from carpet

The parties and celebrations are incomplete without scented candles. They spread a fresh aroma and make a pleasant environment. In the hustle and enjoyment, there are chances to get the candle hit and the wax could drop on your carpet. Do not try to rub the wet candle wax on the carpet it will stick all over.

Wait until the wax dried. Then use try to remove the excess of it with a spatula or the backside of the knife. Then place the tissue paper on the remaining wax and give some heat. The wax will melt and absorb into the tissue paper.


Every time after the holidays, you will face a dirty stained, and spoiled carpet. For a better solution, try to clean the stains on the spot quickly. If still the stains remain then go for a professional carpet cleaning in Abu Dhabi and dry cleaning Dubai Marina.

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