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How to do the brand name register symbol on Mac?

The ® symbol is used to indicate that a trademark has been registered. If you have undergone the process of trademark registration, you use the ® symbol in your company’s name and product names to show that they are protected by law.

By following these steps you will be able to type the ® symbol

When you type a trademark symbol, it is important that you have the proper keyboard settings. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press Command+Spacebar to open Spotlight and search for “Keyboard preferences”
  • Click on Keyboard Shortcuts in the list of results
  • Click on “Text Services” in the sidebar of dialog box that appears (it will be at top left corner)
  • Select “Plain Text” from drop down menu on far right side of window
  • Click Apply button and Close Window

To type an upside down question mark, hold the shift key and press 2. This will create a ? symbol.

How to do the brand name register symbol?

  • Press the command key, then type R.
  • In the Character Palette (Command + Option + 3), select the symbol for “Brand Name Register” and press Enter or Return to register it.
  • If you want your brand name registered in all apps where you use it, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts and check that option.

If you want to use your brand name in an app where it’s not registered, press Command + Option + Shift + R.

How can I do the brand name register symbol on Mac?

To do the brand name register symbol on Mac, you can use the keyboard shortcut Command+G. In addition to that, there are some other options to choose from:

  • The Symbol Menu lets you select a symbol and apply it without changing its color or position. If you have more than one instance of the same symbol in your document (for example, if you have both a logo and an insignia), then this menu will allow you to choose which one should be used for each occurrence of that particular element in your text or images.
  • The Symbol Palette displays all icons available for use as symbols within Adobe InDesign CS6/CC 2015 on Windows & Mac OS X systems respectively (including those created by third parties). It also gives access

How to use trademark registration symbol in Mac?

You can copy the USPTO trademark application symbol from another document and paste it into the brand name register in Mac.

  • Press Command+C to copy a whole object (including text, images and more).
  • Press Command+V to paste an object into your document. In this case, you’re pasting the trademark registration symbol from your clipboard instead of typing it out by hand!

This is just one of many ways to copy and paste in Mac. There are many other tricks you can use, including using the keyboard shortcuts.

What is the keyboard shortcut for the brand name register symbol in Mac?

The keyboard shortcut for the register brand name symbol in Mac is Command+Shift+R. This will bring up a dialog box with some instructions on how to type what you want, as well as an option for “Show All Commands.”

If you’re using a newer version of Mac OS X (10.7 or newer), there are additional ways of typing documents using symbols:

  • Command-2 – Opens up a new document with your last saved file selected by default. You can switch between open files by clicking this icon at any time while working on your computer without having any windows open or documents loaded into memory first before doing so; however, note that this only works while working within applications like Mail and Safari but not within other operating systems like Microsoft Word which do not support these features yet

How to get ™, ® and © symbols in Mac OS X?

The ™ and ® symbols are created by pressing the option key, followed by the shift key. This will produce a “®” symbol on your Mac.

To create an ® symbol, type option space bar then press command, shift or control + command to get ™; press control+option/option+command/control+shift to get ©.

The TM and R symbols are created by pressing option space bar then press command, control+shift or control+option/option to get ®; press control+option/option+command/control to get ™.

InDesign markup shortcuts

InDesign is a powerful tool and has many shortcuts that can save time when you’re working on your projects.

For example, if you want to type a registered trademark symbol in Mac OS X, use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + L (or Control + Shift + L) instead of using the mouse. This will allow you to easily access this function without having to move your hand from where it’s sitting!

If you want to type a registered trademark symbol in Windows 7 or 8, use the keyboard shortcut: Alt + 0169 (or hold down the Alt key and type 0169 on your number pad). This will allow you to easily access this function without having to move your hand from where it’s sitting!

Type a registered trademark symbol on Apple Mac

  • Open the Mac OS X System Preferences
  • Go to the Keyboard section
  • Click on the Keyboard Shortcuts tab
  • Select Services from here and scroll down to find the option for Insert registered trademark symbol
  • Click on this option and then click on the Add button

How to type trademark ™ and registered ® symbols on a Mac.

To type the trademark symbol, press and hold the Option key on your keyboard. Then press R on your keyboard to enter text. Release both keys at the same time when you see the trademark symbol appear onscreen.

If you’re typing on a Mac, you can use the same shortcut. Just hold down Command and Option, then press R. This will bring up the USPTO trademark filing symbol in your text field.


If you want to type the trademark ™ and registered ® symbols on Apple Mac, follow these steps:

  • Press the Option key and use your mouse to select the text box at the bottom of the document window. Tap “Command” in the menu bar at upper-right corner of screen or use keyboard shortcut Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Escape (on US keyboard layout).
  • Select “Insert” from menu bar and then choose “Symbol” option from drop-down list (or press Command + Shift + F7). A new Symbol dialog box will open up, where you can select symbol for registration or trademark (see Figure 2 below)

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