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How to Draw Michael Myers Easily

How to Draw Michael Myers. In horror history, many monsters and villains have become very popular, even though they can be terrifying.

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Some examples of this type of celebrity freak would be Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and of course, Michael Myers.

Michael was introduced in the 1978 classic film Halloween, making him one of the first slasher film villains.

Since then, he has starred in countless sequels and remakes, and his popularity continues.

There’s something uncanny about how a seemingly average person like Michael Myers could get, and thanks to his mask and the fact that he never speaks, he has a sense of mystery.

For fans of this character, learning to draw Michael Myers can be a fun way to put your spin on the character and imagine some fun scenarios.

In this guide, we’ll look at how you can draw the famous Michael Myers mask yourself, and we’ll also look at some ways to make it even more fun and unique.

This is done in 6 steps, including a section on coloring your drawing. So get ready for a spooky drawing experience the right way as we show you just how fun and easy it can be!

How to Draw Michael Myers

Step 1

Regarding Venom’s design, it’s fair to say that what real people look like isn’t realistic.

For this drawing by Michael Myers, we focus on the most iconic aspect of the character, his mask.

In the first film, Michael accidentally acquires the mask, and it becomes an iconic aspect of the series.

We rarely see Michael Myers without his mask, and something about it makes him more mysterious and scary.

The mask has had several interpretations, but the design is very similar.

Sometimes the mask was a little thinner, like in his debut film, but it’s wider in others.

If you prefer that look, you could make it a little thinner, but our guide made it a little wider. With that in mind, we can outline the mask.

Considering it’s a mask, the outline looks like it could be the outline of a standard head! Before you outline, you can prepare by drawing an oval shape with a pencil to trace the shape.

If you want to make it even easier on yourself, draw a vertical and horizontal curved line that crosses to indicate where the eyes and nose go.

Once you have your shapes and planning lines, carefully outline the head as it appears in our reference image. Then we can proceed to step 2 of the guide!

Step 2

What we are drawing here is, of course, a mask and not a human head. This means the neck looks different than an average human head.

Imagine the neck as it would be in real life, i.e., a thin flap covering the neck like a skirt. It will also stretch somewhat due to the thin material it is made of.

You can draw the sides of this neck with some relatively straight lines, but the curved base will be a bit rougher and more jagged.

Each side of the mask begins and ends below the ear tips.

You can now see the mask taking shape, although there are no facial features on the mask yet.

It still looks scary but will look even better when we add some features.

For a few trifles before proceeding, Michael Myers’ mask was improvisation. The filmmakers were on a budget for the film and needed a spooky mask.

In a store, they found a Star Trek mask modeled after actor William Shatner, shaved off some of the hair, and painted it white.

This choice led to the horror story as we would have the iconic and terrifying Michael Myers mask!

With that said, we can move on to step 3, where we will add the first few facial features to give this Michael Myers mask some personality, so let’s do that when you’re ready!

Step 3

Although this is a mask, it has many facial features we see on a natural face. That means there are eyes, nose, and mouth, at least in a sense.

We will start drawing some of these things in this step, so let’s see how it can be done. First, we draw her hairline.

The Michael Myers mask has a unique hairstyle that is short on the sides but thick and coiffed on top. It looks rough, and we will try to recreate it.

We’ll use rougher, jagged lines for the curved hairline to do this. Add a vertical line for the ear on the left, where we did it in our reference image.

Next, we’ll add the eyes and nose. Or, more specifically, we add the eye holes that his natural eyes would see through.

The holes for the eyes aren’t drawn with a smooth line. Instead, each is drawn with a rough outline to give them a more spooky look.

His brows sit just above and are drawn as reasonably simple, thin shapes with a bit of detail. Finally, we can draw the nose.

Just use two thin lines with an inside curve at the bottom of each with two nostrils in between. That’s all for now, and we can move on to the rest of the facial features.

Step 4

In this fourth step, we will add more facial features to your drawing of Michael Myers. Michael Myers’ mask has some prominent drooping “cheekbones” that we will draw now.

Each is drawn with a simple curved line where their cheeks would go. Your starting points should line up with the sides of his nostrils.

Next, we can draw his mouth, which is a simple wavy line. Draw another line, like an extended M above the upper lip and a straighter horizontal line below the lower lip.

If the pen’s ink is still damp, it can smudge, and you don’t want to accidentally erase the lines you want in the final image.

Step 5

It already looks like a good Michael Myers mask, but a few finishing touches make it even more impressive! First, there are the eyes.

In Michael Myers, there are a few ways his eyes were portrayed. In some films, the mask is looser, making his eyes harder to see through the eyeholes.

The mask is narrower for others, so we can see his human eyes under the mask. That’s our approach with this design, but you could go either way.

You could add movie characters like Laurie Strode or other classic horror villains.

Step 6

The color scheme for Michael Myers’ mask is intentionally relatively muted, and we’re going to depict that for this final step of this drawing of Michael Myers.

We will use a standard dark brown hair color for her hair, as shown in the reference image. In the movies, his mask appears white or gray, so we used a greyish color to give him a more aged look.

You can make the color lighter or darker, depending on your preference. You can also make it light yellow to replicate some newer movies’ older looks.

Your Michael Myers Drawing is Finished!

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