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How to Edit TikTok Caption After Posting?

TikTok is a very awesome application that can be used by people to make small videos and then, share the videos to your followers on the account however, the application is very frustrating and confusing to use if you are new to the application. There are new features added to the social media application after every update and this is why it is a little difficult to decode the functions of all the features that are added to the application. 

Writing captions along with the videos that you are posting on the application is very important as it tells a lot about your video and even allows you to add hashtags to attract many people but, what if you have not been able to type the correct caption and you have posted the video. Making an error cannot be controlled by anyone and this is why there are many people who often ask can you edit tiktok caption

So in the guide, we are going to tell you whether it is possible to change the caption of your TikTok video after you have posted the video on the application. 

Does TikTok Allow You to Change the Caption After Posting?

If you are thinking can you edit captions on TikTok after posting your video then, allow me to tell you that this process is not possible. There is no method that allows people to change the caption of their TikTok video after the video has been posted and the only method that you can use to rectify the mistake is to remove the video from your account and then, post it again with the correct caption. 

The only thing that is good for you here is that you can save the video that you have uploaded and this means that you do not need to waste time choosing the filters, songs, and other features of your video. So, let’s learn how you can do the same. 

What is the Process to Change the TikTok Caption?

As explained earlier, if you want to know how to edit a posted tiktok then, the only option that you can use is to delete the video and then, repost it on the application. The process can be a little tricky and this is why we are mentioning all the steps that you need here. 

  1. Open the application and use your Profile on the application to access the video where you need to change the caption. 
  2. After you have located the video, click the three dots that appear on the side of the page. 
  3. Choose the option that says ‘Save Video’ on the screen and this will save your created TikTok video on your mobile phone. 
  4. Now, you need to open the application once again and click on the ‘+’ icon to upload a new video. 
  5. Choose the video that you have saved on your mobile phone and then, type the correct caption that you want to be uploaded with the video. 
  6. Re-post this new video and ensure that you delete the older video as you do not need two same videos on your TikTok account.


This is the process that you need to use when you want to know how to edit a tiktok video after posting but, this method is most useful when you have located the error in your video immediately as you need to delete the older video in the process which means losing all the likes, comments and the engagement that you have received on the video that you posted first.  I am sure that you have understood all the methods and information that we have shared here to make your work a little easier.

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