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Spot the fastest web hosting services for your website?

The fast pace world has altered web users’ behaviour towards website speed. Search engines also signal site speed as one of the ranking factors. Hosting being the reason a website can come live on the internet, should definitely be fast too. However, landing the fast-moving servers and reliable web hosting services in Melbourne isn’t a five-finger exercise. In fact, it can sometimes exhaust you more than building a website. Therefore, here we list the factors that can help you spot the fastest web hosting for your web projects without getting exhausted.

Need for the Fast Hosting Servers

Plenty of reasons corroborate the need for the fastest web hosting, and you already know many of them. Still, let us jot down a bit.

Be it the eCommerce website or simple website, or blog. Regardless of the website niche, the user experience of a website matters a lot. And speed holds a significant influencing position among the user experience factors.

That means a quick-loading site will definitely bestow the best user experience. Waiting after clicking a link or button breaks the user’s interest in a split second, causing the user to abandon the website. It can be at any stage, from the early navigation on the website or cart abandonment. A Google page load time study shows that 53% of web users leave pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Also, 1-3 seconds of load time increases the bounce rate probability by 32%. Saving your website from such downfalls should be the priority and yet calls for fast hosting to board a website effectively.

If this reason isn’t compelling so far to spot the fastest web hosting, let us delineate it a bit more. Google likes fast websites to offer the best to its searchers. So the longer time a webpage takes to load, the more its bounce rate will escalate. Eventually, a high bounce rate makes the search engines ascertain the chances that users will not find the page helpful. So, in short, the rankings will fall off; if your website doesn’t catch up to the required speed. Therefore, it means that faster speeds are undoubtedly good for SEO results and rankings. So you can save your visibility and existing rankings through the fastest web hosting in Australia.

The following significant dependency is the conversions on the site speed. Speedy pages have a better conversion rate as they let the users perform the targeted action quickly. For instance, the activities can be email signups, adding to the cart, purchasing, or following you on social media.

All these scenarios spell out that you must never compromise on the need for fast hosting servers. So now let’s get back to:

Follow These Steps to Spot the Fastest Web Hosting 

Explore the Server Locations 

When opting for traditional hosting, the users get physical servers obviously with a specific location. So this location directly affects your hosting speed. For example, a website has Australian visitors; however, it has its US servers. So the loading time will be slow because of the residing location of both parties.

Whenever a website gets loaded or a user requests any data (click a button/ link or type in the search bar). It is actually asking the server to send the data. The farther the server is located from the site, the more time it takes to send the requested data back. In turn, the website loads and works slowly, impacting the user’s usability.

So it is a must-have to check if the said host has the closest data centre or a worldwide located server location. Getting a server in the same place will offer quick loading times.

However, if you like a web hosting company for its features or pricing, it is in a distant location. In that case, you should check if the hosting agency uses a CDN (content delivery network). It is because a CDN ensures the fastest delivery of internet content owing to its geographically distributed group of servers. Thus, the loading and the website content delivery don’t remain a pain point anymore.

Technology and Hardware Quality 

However, don’t only rely on the server location in order to get the fastest web hosting in Australia. In addition to the server location, a host with state-of-the-art hardware and the latest technology is also necessary. High-end technology, premium hardware, and continuous monitoring of the physical servers meet the web owners’ performance expectations. Otherwise, being much closer to your website location, however, poor hardware cannot deliver and maintain peak performance. Also, it can’t ensure you will get the promised speed. So to make sure your website has advanced tech servers choose the best web hosting company in Melbourne.

What Others Say About the Host’s Speed 

The best way to spot the fastest web hosting is by scanning word of mouth. The existing users in contract with the web host and the past web owners’ experiences offer you unbiased information about the host’s speed. In addition, you can explore honestly and highly ranked review websites and platforms. By doing so, you will get an overall view if you should trust a web host with your website or not.

Remember, speed no doubt holds much importance. However, it alone isn’t enough to make your website rank in top positions and on first SERPs. So you should neglect the other attributes of the hosting services and the web host.

If you encounter another severe issue on your website or facing downtime, your site speed will not be of much help. So the friendly support services to keep up your website should be available 24/7.

Where should I host my website?

In order to secure fast speeds for your website, it is better to sign up with a host with the closest data centre location. For instance, for your website in Australia, you should get website hosting services in Melbourne. So your website never draws a terrible user experience for your site users. Plus, look for seamless customer support and affordable prices, etc.

Navicosoft, being the best web hosting company in Melbourne, offers blazing-fast servers with maximum uptime and premium hardware. Additionally, it provides high scalability and reliability, leading to good performance and delivering the fastest website speed.


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