How to verify if a business is truly registered in the UAE?

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How can you verify if the ownership of a company is legal or not?

To verify a company name or license number, use the company name or license number. If you are the owner of a local company in Abu Dhabi or are going to do business right, you can check out the DED website. There is still a chance to confirm whether the business exists or not, go to the National Economic Register website and check if the company exists.

How can one view company details In UAE?

Here is a list of links you can use to check information about the registration of business activities and the legitimacy of the license in Dubai

Questions made on the name or business name; Integrated Trade Registration Program – Department of Economic Affairs available at Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.

Other ways to ensure that a business is registered in the UAE:


  • First, every company registered in the country must have a trading license you can ask them to send you a copy or check it online with the DED (Department of Economic Development). Note that commercial licenses are not confidential documents as they should be displayed publicly in any office or store. It is the public’s right to access this document or to request it.
  • Remember, most illegal companies will give you an invalid registration number. This can easily be verified and help you avoid getting into complicated and fruitless business relationships.
  • Remember you do not need to be an Inspector Gadget to find out if a company exists or not. There are a few ways you can use it separately or combine it for your safety.


Here are a few steps you can take to verify business information:

Business license:

As mentioned above, you can apply for their business license and check directly with the local courts whether the license is registered or not. If you are planning to start a business with Dubai partners, then you should be able to provide yourself with the necessary documentation. The most common details you will find would include company name, office address, registration number, license number, and name of the manager. A person who refuses to share with you means that his or her business may be illegal.

Verification of online license:

If the company is registered in one of the UAE Free Zones, you may not be able to verify your online license. The only option you have is to contact the email subscriber stating the company name and ask if the company is registered and whether the license is valid (and not canceled). Or another way is to visit the registration center directly by visiting their offices in person.

Need for positive certificate:

You can apply for a Positive Certificate from the local registration authority. In general, the Positive Certificate shows that the company has completed all reports and payments to the authorities. It serves as proof that the business exists and is authorized to do business at Emirates.

Verification through social media:

You can also use the social media proposal to verify your business. Make sure the company has access to the Internet. For example, can you check that they have professional profiles on Instagram and Facebook? Another way is to check if they have human resources on social media such as LinkedIn.

Google the company:

Try to find information on online sites, and proof regarding the authenticity of the company, its activities, and past involvements.

Last but not the least, you can look at government portals and free site sites to make sure you are in business with an authentic and genuine company. In this case, a few channels and forums can be used to get information about a trade license in Dubai. This includes DED websites on each emirate and the National Economic Register.



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