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Innovative Architecture Firms Where to Find

If you’re looking for innovative architecture firms, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected a list of some of the most exciting firms on the planet. This includes brands such as Aedas, Nikken Sekkei, Tillotson Design Associates, Charged Voids, and Invent Architects .

Nikken Sekkei

Nikken Sekkei is a Japanese architecture firm known for its innovation in the design and construction of buildings and urban spaces. Founded in 1900, the company has been instrumental in the modernization of Japan. The company offers architectural planning, structural engineering, and MEP engineering services, as well as landscape and urban design.

A leading architect firm in Japan, Nikken Sekkei has completed more than 25,000 projects in over 50 countries. Its design portfolio includes landmarks like Futur Camp Nou, the Guangzhou Library, and Shibuya Hikarie.

Nikken Sekkei has a design process that is unique due to the use of more than two proprietary software applications. These include Buildings3D, which is a structural analysis tool, and midas Gen, a Japanese design analysis tool.

Using these tools, Nikken Sekkei’s architects are able to visualize their projects in detail. They are also able to centralize and use project data to implement lessons learned. This allows the team to plan long-term solutions.

Tillotson Design Associates

Tillotson Design Associates (TDA) is a New York City-based WBE lighting design consultancy. TDA has a strong and diverse team of professionals. They have worked on a variety of projects, including four award-winning ones.

Tillotson Design Associates is led by founder Suzan Tillotson. She has over twenty years of experience as a lighting designer. Her clients include developers and architects. Tillotson is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society, the International Association of Lighting Designers, and the Southwest Louisiana Section of the AIA. Throughout her career, she has received numerous awards.

The firm has a passion for creating designs that address the structural systems for buildings. Their work includes such projects as the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre in Dallas, the Performing Arts Center at Brown University, and the Salesforce Tower.

The firm has been praised for its aesthetically sensitive design solutions. TDA has created two million metal petals, each housing 500,000 individual LEDs. This system allows for 300 lux of brightness, while minimizing wattage consumption.

Invent Architects

Invent Architects is an architectural company in coimbatore, Coimbatore. The studio combines pragmatics with aesthetics to create works that are beneficial to the community. Its main projects include an environmental education center and a municipal building. These buildings are meant to enhance education and culture in the city.

Invent Architects  is an award-winning architectural firm. They have received several national and international awards. In particular, their Environmental Education Center in Alicante is a prime example of how they blend practicality with the art of design. This project is a multifunctional space, located in a pristine natural environment.

Invent Architects ‘s most recent municipal building project is a bit of a wonder. The facade is covered almost entirely in green hexagonal ceramic tiles, which creates a pixelated effect. On the inside, it is spacious and airy.

It is worth noting that the project is a collaboration between the City Council of La Nucia and the University of Alicante. Similarly, the project is a reflection of the company’s commitment to innovation.

Charged Voids

Charged Voids is a well oiled machine that has been producing elegant, albeit aesthetically challenged, solutions since 2007. Led by Aman Aggarwal, the company’s portfolio covers residential and commercial design. Using an amalgamation of Western Modernism and Indian architecture, the firm creates modern-day marvels.

The company has won several accolades over the years. Most notably, Charged Voids received the prestigious Design Institute of Chicago’s top honor for the design of their ‘Office 543’ in Mohali, Punjab. Office 543 is a showcase of a builder’s craft. From its spacious lobby to its sophisticated layout, it’s an impressive piece of architecture.

Among the many things that the company does, it is perhaps most notable for its use of voids and opaque surfaces. This allows the firm to make use of every square inch of the 140 meter site. In addition to its office space, the company is also home to a studio, a lab and a retail store.

Estudio Barozzi Veiga

Estudio Barozzi Veiga is an innovative architecture firm based in Barcelona, Spain. It was formed by Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga in 2004. This practice is widely recognised for its ability to combine precise solutions with an intellectual approach to design. The practice’s philosophies are grounded in the use of local materials and the strong contextual response they generate.

In addition to their award-winning work, Barozzi / Veiga has also developed a number of significant projects in Switzerland. Among other notable achievements, the practice has designed the Bundner Kunstmuseum in Chur, Switzerland. Moreover, they have won a number of competitions for important projects, including the extension of the Music School of Brunico, Italy.

Founded by Barozzi and Veiga in 2004, the company has completed numerous projects worldwide. Most recently, they have been responsible for the new masterplan for the Art Institute of Chicago. They have also been awarded several international awards, including the Young Talent Award from Italian Architecture magazine and the Ajac Award.


Neri&Hu Design and Research Office is an architectural design firm based in Shanghai, China. It is the work of architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu. They have taught at the University of Hong Kong Graduate School of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Princeton University.

The studio works on a variety of projects. Their projects include the Alila Yangshuo hotel in the Guangxi region of China, the Pernod Ricard Malt Whisky Distillery in Shanghai and the EDITION hotel brand in Shanghai.

In addition to architecture, the firm also specializes in interior and graphic design. They have a wide range of international clients.

Neri&Hu is the leading architecture and design firm in Shanghai. They offer services internationally, including product design, master planning and international projects. They also lead retail store Design Republic, an innovative concept store in the city.

Neri&Hu’s design team is composed of over 100 people. They are experienced in modern design language and a vision for adaptive reuse.

Perkins Eastman

Perkins Eastman is a leading architecture and design firm with an innovative portfolio. With offices in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, it has a broad range of capabilities. This includes planning, urban design, and interior design.

Perkins Eastman’s work is diverse, and they specialize in large-scale mixed-use developments, as well as niche projects such as senior living, corporate interiors, and education. They also have expertise in health care and workplace design. Their work has been acclaimed across the globe.

Perkins Eastman is a global firm with deep roots in the Philadelphia area. Its portfolio of award-winning design spans residential, hospitality, and healthcare. In addition, they have a strong focus on education, including K-12 and higher education.

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