How Should You Invest in Mutual Funds through Your Demat Account?

The world of investments can seem like a rollercoaster ride, full of exhilarating highs and nerve-wracking lows. However, for some investors, stability and security are crucial. This is where mutual funds come into the picture. 

Known for being one of the safest investment options, mutual funds are a hassle-free way to grow your wealth without the constant need for market analysis. 

Have you been thinking of investing in mutual funds through a Demat account? Let’s explore how this works, delving into the Demat process and uncovering what makes it a reliable and efficient choice for investors.

What is a Demat Account?

The Demat account acts as an online library or storage for all your securities and assets in a dematerialised format i.e. electronic format. Demat account is designed for the convenience of investors and traders as it has a user-friendly interface and allows smooth buying/selling/transferring of securities and assets.

The concept of demat accounts was first introduced in India back in 1996 to ease the process of dematerialisation of physical shares; since then it has become the core trading account and storage for shares, bonds, funds and all other kinds of securities. 

Investing in Mutual Funds through a Demat Account

Mutual funds are popular for being an accessible and reliable investment opportunity for both beginners and professionals. Now, to invest in mutual funds you can either open a mutual fund account or use your open demat account to invest. Here’s how you can invest in mutual funds through your demat account:

  • Choose a depository participant

The first step to a trading account is to choose a depository participant through which you want to open your demat account. A DP is the mediator between you and the depository so make sure to choose the one that best suits your needs. A DP can be a bank, a stockbroker and so on.

  • Fill out the form

You can obtain a mutual fund demat account opening form from your DP. Fill in the details, provide documents and submit the form.

  • Wait for verification

Your DP will verify the documents and open your demat account.

  • Start investing

Once your demat account is open, you can invest, buy, sell and transfer mutual funds easily. 

Note: All the above-mentioned demat processes can be done online through the official website of the depository participant of your choice.

Points to Keep in Mind:

  • The tax implications of mutual fund investments through a Demat account are the same as a mutual fund account.
  • The lock-in period for MF in your demat account varies depending on the T&Cs of the DP you choose.
  • All your physical mutual funds can be linked to your demat account by submitting a conversion request form to your DP.

Mutual Fund Investments through a Demat Account? Let’s Evaluate the Pros and Cons 

Now that you know how to invest in mutual funds using your demat account, let’s evaluate its pros and cons to help you make an informed choice.


  • Convenience

Demat Account is easy to operate and it allows you to hold all your funds, shares and bonds in one place allowing you better control and analysis of all your investments. 

  • Transparency

Investing is already accompanied by fluctuations, in such a situation a transparent platform like Demat Account ensures that you are updated with the whereabouts of all your money. 

  • Cost-effective

Using a demat account to invest in mutual funds ensures that you are not paying hidden charges. All the costs and charges of opening or linking your demat account to mutual funds are upfront.


  • Technical challenges

Since a trading account is an online platform, investors who are not tech-savvy may find themselves struggling to keep up with its features, navigation and updates.

  • Terms and conditions

A Demat Account is opened through a DP that comes with long pages of terms & conditions. Failing to understand T&Cs can get investors in trouble.

  • Wrong depository participant

Choosing the right DP for a demat account/ trading account requires detailed research and relying on the wrong DP can bring both financial and legal challenges.

Over To You

Mutual fund investments have the potential to bring huge profits and the stability they offer will always be an advantage. If you choose a demat process to invest in a mutual fund you experience smooth and convenient dealings of your funds. 

While it is not mandatory to open a demat account if you wish to invest in mutual funds, it allows you to bring all your investments under the same platform for quick analysis and better management.

Make sure to choose a reliable DP and understand all the charges and terms of dealings while investing through your demat account.


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