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To coincide with the new year, we have a fresh look. Several key Barnes & Noble Booksellers upgrades, such as the consolidation and unification of our print and eBook platforms under our new website, have recently been finished.

Press of Barnes & Noble

It is a quick, simple, and straightforward way to publish your books and make them available to the millions of customers who shop at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, which is intimately associated with our national retail shops. An update on the Barnes & Noble Press is provided below:

Location of Barnes & Noble

improved user experience and a revamped user interface. Using a single sign-in, access the combined Barnes & Noble Booksellers and print sites. An revised dashboard with various title formats grouped together for better project administration Time-saving metadata copying from one project format to the next Providing formatting, marketing, and promotion assistance with reliable third party partners, an author’s tools and tips page

Upgrades to the Build-A-Book user experience

Choose subject areas that are more similar to those on Barnes & Noble Booksellers for both the print and eBook editions. All publishers have access to a pre-order option for eBooks released during the following 12 months. a new 65% royalty rate for eBooks with an MSRP more than $10.00. For book publication, there are additional trim sizes, glossy cover options, and more affordable colour printing possibilities.

Consolidated print book checkout

order copies of various projects in the same cart for a combined print book checkout; first five personal orders of each print book title will receive discounts;

Barnes & Noble Press will shortly publish this item.

enhanced data on sales by Barnes & Noble Booksellers and routinely occurring price changes. more collaborations with external parties. And there will be a lot more in the future. It’s simple to understand why the new Barnes & Noble Booksellers is excellent in so many ways. And don’t just believe what we say; do your own research.

See what some of our best-selling authors have to say in the passages that follow. With a sleek design and simple interface, the new Barnes & Noble Press platform shows a genuine dedication to assisting authors self-publish their work in a professional manner.

The Serial Killer’s Wife’s Best-Selling Author

The serial killer’s wife trilogy by best-selling novelist Robert Swartwood has been highlighted in USA Today. “Authors will love the improved sales report capabilities, the at-a-glance sales data, and the option to make personalised reports with just the click of a button on the new Barnes & Noble Booksellers platform,” says Barnes & Noble.

B&N’s formatting and uploading process

“I particularly love how simple the formatting and uploading procedure is with Barnes & Noble Press,” said USA Today and Barnes & Noble Booksellers. The platform is very amazing. It is quite clear. Making use of it is easy. Additionally, I like releasing directly to my B&N followers so they can get their hands on my newest book as soon as it is available.

The USA Today and The New York Times

Marie Force is the author of the contemporary romance series that has been featured in USA Today and The New York Times and has been a bestseller in both media.

Additional Details

You can read about the decision to publish directly with Barnes & Noble Press from the viewpoints of some other best-selling authors or you can discover more information at Barnes & Noble Booksellers. By reading this blog, you may stay up to speed on all the changes being made to the site’s features and other news.

The Journey to the Kingdom of Liars, a really epic fantasy debut, will be released next summer. There is nothing quite like an epic fantasy debut; it gives you a glimpse into the author’s vivid imagination and eagerness to introduce you to a world that has only existed in their head up until this point. One of the most thrilling things that may happen to a reader is an epic fantasy debut.

New Writer Nick Martell

The Kingdom of Liars, by debut author Nick Martell, will be released in May and is a strongly character-driven story set in a world where the cost of magic is the loss of memory. Saga Press will release this story. His work has already attracted the attention of has been complimented by The Stormlight Archive author Brandon Sanderson, who called it “an exceptional fantasy debut, with intriguing worldbuilding and a wonderful mix between action and character.”

He has already caught Sanderson’s attention as a result of this achievement. A knowledgeable person providing excellent advice. Today, we’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the cover art for the upcoming book, which was conceived by Jae Song and made by Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme.

Take a Peek at This Thrilling Excerpt

Scroll down to see a barnes noble coupon code voucher that also contains the prologue and the first chapter. The Kingdom of Liars will be made available to the public on May 5, 2020. When Michael was a young kid, he was called a traitor because of his father David Kingman’s role in the murder of the king’s son, who was nine years old at the time.

After ten years, Michael and his sister Gwen now lead unhappy lives. He conducts crimes against minor royals alongside his friends in a pathetic attempt to extract some form of retribution on a world that has shunned both him and his family.

The currency used to buy magic is memory.

Michael is aware that something is present in the dazzling white space that makes up his mind in a world where memory is the currency that buys enchantment. Michael, who is desperate to find a way to reconnect with his past, seizes the chance when it arises to reintegrate into the judicial system through the most politically risky member of the kingdom’s royal council.

He discovers a royal family that has turned into a self-serving dictatorship even while witnessing gun-toting rebels engaged in combat. If Michael, his friends, and family are fortunate enough to see the truth in time, it will lead to a number of terrible revelations.

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