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Medical Benefits of Playing Video Games

Video games being the new sensation, are making the industry of gaming proud. Now even the people of older age are looking forward to seeing what it has brought.
Talking about the video games created years back were not so advanced, not just in features but also in storytelling. The technology was not so advanced that the focus on the content being generated was less. But when everything is evolving, the makers of video games have also developed. Now new modern brains are working on the feature of the games and the content they are making.
The maker of video games considers different aspects by which they can inspire their players. Also, when various statements were passed like video games are addictive and make the players lazy, the creators started concentrating on the impacts video games had on them.
Now the video games launched in the market are fresh and have many medical benefits. And now, we will discuss some of the medical benefits of playing video games. They include

Enhances your memory

When you are playing the video game, you see a set of instructions given to you initially. And the instructions only come once in the game. So the player is supposed to read or listen to them carefully. Because by following those instructions, the player can move forward in the game. Hearing or reading to them requires both audible and visual memory.
Playing the game repeatedly and coming across those instructions multiple times makes you remember them. In this, it becomes a part of your memory, and you also develop the habit of paying attention to audible and visual words and placing them. This way, it enhances your memory both in the short term and long term.

Increases your concentrating ability

Some people have concentration problems, and this disorder is commonly known as dyslexia. People who are fighting with this disorder cannot concentrate on multiple things at one time. They have an issue of focusing, and playing video games can resolve this issue to some extent. Because while playing action games, the players keep an eye on every minor and significant detail, which increases their interest in games.
In video games, different things happen simultaneously, and the player has to focus on them. This continuous activity of paying concentration on minor and significant items increases your attention ability. This activity has been proven to be very beneficial for people with dyslexia.

Increases your brain activity

According to researchers, people who play video games frequently are sharp and considered intelligent people. Because when they are playing them, their brain receives multiple stimulations. Some of them are visual, and others are audial. The continuous bombardment of provocations increases their brain activity and gets very smart when solving any riddle or stuff like that.
Some games are based upon puzzles and mysteries, and playing them increases your brain’s work. It has been suggested that kids who are slow at learning should be asked to play video games in their leisure time. It will sharpen their brains, and their intellectual level will become equal to normal kids. It will also make them part and intelligent and learn things quickly.

Helps in improving balance in patients with multiple sclerosis

Video games involve the brain’s use, but video games affect your whole body’s interaction. And playing them helps you improve your balance if you have any problem maintaining it.
In patients with multiple sclerosis balance, issues are pervasive because they have problems in various nerves. So they feel difficulty in maintaining balance when they are walking or standing. And this theory has been made that if they are made to play video games in which physical interaction is maximum, it can help them regain their balance. But they should be asked to play them while standing.

 Vidoe games can help in the treatment of autism

People who are suffering from autism feel difficulty in interacting with people. They have a kind of social anxiety because they feel awkward when they are asked to meet people. And if the people who are suffering from this order are made a part of multiple player games like CSGO where more than one player are playing at one time. It allows them to share the win, loss, ups, and lows of the game because CSGO prime and others have multiple players.
Playing such games helps those people interact with each other even if they have to play. It helps them open up to people and overcome social anxiety.

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