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Melissa Womer: the legendary icon of the comedic world


Melissa Womer——Gloss Brown eyes, Blonde’s hairs, “5 feet 7 inches   tall & slim women; well defining the white American ethnicity, comedic actress, writer and producer by profession hail in new york 8 July 1960.despite of her age she doesn’t got aging signs. The ex-wife of Jim Carrey added another star to her professional identity, but she goes the extra mile to bring her life align and made her name in Hollywood.  When we thoroughly review her life thick and thin, witness her resilient nature and her courageousness to deal with trauma and plight.


Hitch hitching of Melisa’s early life was due to family dysfunctional dynamics that’s maybe she doesn’t choose to declare her parents or sibling identity so far, it also indicates actress living a private life. She has completed her early and high school education in a New York school.

Furthermore, due to financial instability, it’s hard for her to continue her higher studies but as the meaning of her name “Meli” is the honey bee, she utterly restores the legacy of her name by hardworking and gathering herself in low time to accumulate honey for future life. Indeed, despite domestic disturbance, she managed to go university of Kansas New York and completed her graduation. To sustain her livelihood, she did different jobs like funny tale script for radio morning program for Q104 Kansas city.


Kansas graduated and wants to be an actress since her childhood, as per her entertaining nature she joined a comedy club on Sunset Boulevard as a comedy store cocktail waitress and comedy entertainer. Because of her cheerful comical intelligence, Womer got the title of “comedy store waitress” Which then opened doors for her comedic career. This was where she met her love Jim carry the magnate artist of the comedy world.

Moreover, Actress steps up the ladder and performed in the “Mic night stores” where Melissa got her distinct identity as a comic artist. She wanted to extend her career as comedian writer; eventually she has started writing songs and comics which got huge appreciation.


The multitalented actress first famous movie was “Petrocilli” telecasted in 11 Sep, 1974 by Harold Buchman, where womer act as Rita field which applauded by audience.  It was her first ever project in the Hollywood which she perform with diligence.

Likewise, after a significant gap of her professional career, actress got chance for her  second motion picture in 1990s ‘man on the moon” unlike Petrociili it got 47million views in all over the world actress earned huge amount in her pocket.

In addition, 1997 Melissa switched her career towards production, Jim carry wife worked as executive producer for production of “real stories of donut men”. Because it was her first production involvement we consider it as her milestone of professional life.

In 2004, the producer contributed in the production of the “yesterday show with kerwin” .the talented lady has not been performed in television since that period. This all sum up womer professional capability and heroism. And I believe it’s enough to call her legend but she’s not much-admired as she should be.



 The comedian love life had been started in 1986 with most popular comedian and actor “Jim Carrey”. They met in comedy store Sunset Boulevard. They fell in love and started dating, love grew and they decided to get married. Their Love brought fruit in form of their baby girl Jane Erin Carrey. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only 8 years then they got separate in 1996. Due to their incompliance working schedule they separate apart. The main reason they told for their divorce was their career because they can’t tackle with double responsibilities.




Jim Carrey is basically from Ontario Canada and has American nationality born on dated 17 Jan, 1962. Actor is gem of comedian world. He was writer and artist/ comedian. His father name Is Percy Carrey who worked as musician, songwriting/vocalist and accountant. His mother name is Kathleen Carrey. He is youngest than his sibling john, Patrica and Rita. He started his career in 1990 by a film sketch comedy and the list of his achievements goes on till now. Melissa best known by name his ex-husband Jim carry and she got weightage in her career.


After eight years of duo married life, they got separate. They told busy schedule as a reason of a dissolution of their marriage. But some sources said, Jim involvement in Lauren holly leading the couple split away. This statement looks more relatable because Jim and Lauren co-star in film “dumb and dumber “immediately tied knot after Jane parents officially got separate.

As describe early, Jim is popular and his net worth round about 180 million, Melissa filed a maintenance case against Jim and asked for 10 million dollar. But she settled with 3.5 million$ as per maintenance worth. After that she additional got 7 million dollar for her daughter Jane. But after separation Melissa used to stay single till now.



Jane Erin Carrey, the daughter of Melissa and Jim Carrey born on dated 6 Sep, 1987. She grow up in Los Angeles there is no authorized information about her education yet. She may be got home teaching. She is a songwriter, actress, and songwriter and is mostly known by Jim Carrey’s daughter.  Jane is courageous same like her mother who rebuilds her identity as a singer and songwriter. She firstly performs in a real melodic program “American idol 2012. Because of her brilliant performance, she knew as kidding ad catfish. The daughter of superstars got hatched with Alex Santana in Nov 2009. Who is itself a musician and has a celebrity background. Now Erin is divorced and has a son Jackson Riley Santana the grandson of Melissa and Jim.


59-year-old veteran star has no known account on social media. But her daughter has an Instagram account named janecarry1987.

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