Safety Features in Modern Cars: Knowledge and Application of Recent Technologies in Dubai”

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During your driving around the streets of Dubai, it is important to emphasize on achieving your destination by using state of the art safety gadgets in modern cars. By the help of new items of equipment, it is expected that it becomes possible to avoid the accident, call everyone’s attention to dangerous situations, and minimize the victims’ damage in case of the accident. This knowledge helps you optimise the use of modern systems to become a competent professional. It’s time to discover the vital systems that have entered every car nowadays and how to apply them during the trip in Dubai. Allow us to help you understand and make the most out of, what may be, these life-saving technologies. It is hoped that with awareness and planning, people are able to approach driving safer more.

 Maximizing the use of Safety Technology

 As cars have evolved so has the need to familiarize yourself with, and apply the safety features of your car for safe driving in Dubai. Latest cars have features such as collision avoidance systems, emergency braking systems; lane keeping assistance and blind spot detection features. Though, it clearly means that these features will only fail to provide their optimum performance as long as the drivers themselves lack awareness of how to use these features, besides having a clue of their inabilities.

Emergency Braking


Front end crash prevention systems operate like a number of sensors to detect the chances of a crash and use the brake to mitigate or avoid it. Anti-collision control systems have connection with the abrupt stoppage of the vehicles in front and instantly actuates the brakes to lessen the effects of an accident. Safe driver Dubai cares for its clients and always advises them to use a non-drunk driver for increased security. Such systems can either help to avoid an accident or lessen the severity of an accident, but the driver has to pay attention at all times and cannot solely rely on the systems.

 Lane Keeping Assistance

Lane departure warning is the use of cameras to differentiate the lane and produce some steering torque to try to ensure the car is steered back to the correct lane in case it begins to drift. However, the system does not operated perfectly well and the LiDAR sensors could not operate if the road had no lane markings. It is not really designed as a fully separate driving force but it is designed to be an assist. Safe driver Dubai said drivers should at all times ensure their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.


 Blind Spot Monitoring


 A blind spot monitor monitors the zones that the driver cannot see adjacent to the vehicle and if there is an approaching vehicle, the monitor informs the driver through visual or alarms. However, the system only covers objects that are within your blind spots at a specific time and not at any other time. It does not act as a substitute for the driver turning his/her head and checking the mirror before moving to the next lane. Thus, Safe driver Dubai recommends drivers to be very observant for any incidences on the roads at all times to enhance safety.


 Though new safety technologies can save a drivers’ life, the driver must make an effort to acquaint themselves with how and when to use these technologies as well as when not to use them. Dependence on the technology could be lethal Sometimes it becomes very risky to rely very heavily on the technology. Basically the most significant safety component in any car at any given time is a well-compensated, capable, cautious driver. If in any doubt, Safe driver Dubai sober driver services will is always available to guarantee maximum safety while on the road in Dubai.

 Staying Alert While Driving a Car in Dubai


 For one to drive around the streets of Dubai, he or she must always look out for any hazards. This implies being vigilant and has keen senses in that you have to see things, expect something bad to happen and then respond accordingly.

 Pay Attention to Other Vehicles and Road Users


You also need to look for other cars, bicycles and all other pedestrians in your surrounding environment around the car. Be attentive to anything that makes another driver move from one lane to another or turn like a blinking of a turn signal. Be on the lookout for vehicles that are potentially at risk of becoming be involved in an accident or are already engaged in one. Also, when driving, be careful of pedestrians crossing the road particularly in congested areas. Thus you get to know the movements of the other road users and you take necessary action in order to avert an event of an accident or collision.


 Traffic Volume and Road Status

 Look at the relative movement of vehicles and anything that may be blocking or hindering movement on the road. Peep into the future in search of any halted or slow moving traffic on the road. Try to prepare for swerving or decreasing/increasing your speed if the situation calls for so. Also, be keen to look at emergency vehicles that are flashing and making very loud sounds so you can clear the road. Ensure that they adhere to all traffic signs, signals, and road signs to Code the general rules of the road. This way you will be in a better position to know the kind of traffic to expect and thereby maneuver appropriately.


In conclusion, reduce anything that will distract you from any focus on the road. Avoid the use of your mobile phone or the complicated operations of an infotainment system when driving. This forces the level of the radio to be low but enough to allow you to hear the events taking place outside. Tell passengers that they should not approach you and engage your in groups or engage you in complicated discussions. Thus, by getting rid of interferences, one is able to give his/her full attention to the task of driving. Perceived traffic risk and attention is critical in the sort drive that is observed in Dubai. Observing the environment, controlling own behavior and traffic situation, paying attention and not being distracted will help identify the hazardous situation and respond accordingly. Drive safe!

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