Guarding Your Trusted Security Services for Your Protection

Security services are a key component to maintaining a safe work environment. A third-party security team can create a comprehensive plan to meet your needs. Internal security teams may not be able to meet all your needs, especially during special events and holidays.

Security Officers are First Responders

Security officers patrol their assigned areas of responsibility and, in doing so, are often the first to respond to disturbances or emergencies. They have extensive training to evaluate situations and are able to take decisive action in order to preserve the safety of people and property. Security officer skills include the ability to quickly assess situations, communicate with law enforcement and fire departments, and act as a liaison between visitors/customers/employees and security personnel.

They also are trained in defusing a situation by using verbal language, and only when necessary, can they escort or arrest someone. Security officers must follow the orders of law enforcement as they relate to detainees until they are released.

Many security industry organizations like AlliedBarton sponsor and participate in national events to celebrate the important contributions that security officers make to personal and professional safety. This year, security officer appreciation week is September 16-22, and businesses are encouraged to show their security team members how much they value their work.

Generally, armed security guards are required to have special firearms training and to be licensed to carry weapons. In addition, they must pass background checks and be fingerprinted. They may be in-house (employed by the same company they protect, such as a mall) or contracted with a security firm that serves multiple locations.

Security officers are highly observant and have a strong attention to detail. They must be able to notice things that others would not, and can assess the severity of a situation and make decisions accordingly. They may be armed or unarmed, and many are trained in first aid.

There are some who argue that security personnel are not first responders in the same way as police, fire and EMS, even though they are often the first to arrive on a scene of a disaster or emergency. This view only serves to cloud our thinking about the role of security services and does nothing to minimize the need for all security services to receive additional first responder training. In fact, during the 9/11 tragedy, the security staffs at many of the buildings were the first to begin assisting victims.

They Monitor Events

Event security services provide a comprehensive array of safety and peace of mind benefits, including tracking guests to prevent unauthorized entry or departure from the event venue. They also ask the right questions before an event begins, like its capacity limit and participant profiles. This allows them to identify potential threats and respond quickly to any emergency situation that may arise, like a fight or a fire.

The presence of security personnel can dissuade criminal acts such as theft and damage because people who want to commit these crimes feel more threatened by the sight of armed guards and are less likely to be successful in their endeavors when they know that they are being monitored. Moreover, these officers can instantly spot trespassers or anyone else who is not allowed at the event and report them to the police and other appropriate authorities without any delay.

In addition, building security services can monitor trespassers and other individuals who are not allowed at the event by constantly surveilling the area and viewing images registered on their security cameras. They can also perform bag searches and prevent the transport of forbidden items into any event location, as well as deterring crime by ensuring that all visitors are wearing proper identification and looking their best.

They Perform Administrative Tasks

Security officers don’t only watch and patrol; they perform other administrative duties as well. They can set alarms and conduct safety audits of the facility they are protecting, as well as investigate suspicious circumstances. Some security personnel are highly visible in uniform, while others work in plainclothes to catch shoplifters for instance. Still other security officers may work with cybersecurity guarding the network against hackers and spammers.

For some specialized positions, security employees are known by other names, such as bouncers and store detectives, and they sometimes disdain being referred to as security guards. This is partly due to the fact that security jobs vary in scope and responsibility, with some being more dangerous than others.

In South Carolina, for example, a security officer has the same authority and powers of arrest as Sheriff’s Deputies when on their assigned property – which is what they are paid to protect. They can also work in plainclothes to perform loss prevention and personal or executive protection roles, where they are sometimes known as bodyguards.

They Are a Team

Security officers often work as part of a team. They may work in-house (either with an employer or a private security company that protects multiple locations) or they may be contract workers who travel from site to site. They might be armed or unarmed, depending on contracts and client requirements. Security supervisors or managers also need to work together in order to meet the needs of their clients and to keep all parties safe and happy.

Security guards have many senses to detect potential danger. They might smell a chemical leak, see something amiss, or hear someone calling for help. They need to use their training and experience to determine the severity of the situation and how to respond. They also need to enforce safety precautions in accordance with company policy.

In addition, they might need to contact public safety officials in case of an emergency or to act as liaisons. They might also need to monitor surveillance systems and patrol areas. Finally, security guards need to communicate with each other and their supervisors in order to ensure that they are all on the same page and that tasks are being completed properly.

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