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Social Upgrade – Most Effective Social Upgrade Alternatives

The series continues with a comparison of Instagram automation tools today. We’ll be looking at comparing FansLeap against yet another Instagram automation tool called Social Upgrade. Social Upgrade can be described as a product which uses growth tactics to help you become Instagram popular. Recently, there’s been lots of talk concerning social upgrade and Social Upgrade shutdown. Is there any truth in the rumor?

Although Social Upgrade has yet to provide an official statement regarding their current state however, the information on their site speaks volumes. At the moment, Social Upgrade is no more taking on new clients, but could continue to serve their existing clients. Recent reposts reveal of the fact that Social Upgrade has been shut down following a lawsuit brought by Instagram because of fake followers. This is causing many to search for the most effective Social Upgrade alternative. In order to help you make the best decision on which service you should choose we’ll take a comparison review of Social Upgrade against our own Instagram Growth service, FansLeap. The following sections will be compared to demonstrate how FansLeap’s natural strategies differ from Social Upgrade to keep your account growing safely.

What was the Social Upgrade function?

Before the shutdown, you’d have to provide Social Upgrade with hashtags, usernames of people who are similar to yours, and geotags. Social Upgrade will automatically like to follow, unfollow, or like users based on the information provided. Social Upgrade can also be used to blacklist people who you do not want to engage with. As mentioned previously, Facebook recently filed a law that aimed at any service that purchases followers which could be the cause of Social Upgrade being shut down. Social Upgrade shutdown.

What is the process behind FansLeap function?

Our Instagram growth services you can also make an effort to target Instagram people, hashtags and even locations to reach the attention of a targeted audience, with your particular brand with your brand in the minds of your target audience. When you have identified those individuals, FansLeap will get the interest of the dedicated public.

Our service is 100% organic and there is no way to purchase comments, likes or followers. In the end, FansLeap works to get your brand’s name in front of people who are familiar with your page. However, it is the decision of the user to decide whether they want to follow your page or not. This can help you not only to significantly expand your reach but also to reach out to real followers who are willing to read your posts, go to your website, and even purchase your products.

What filters did Social Upgrade Include?

As mentioned previously, Social Upgrade had the capability to block any particular accounts that you don’t want to work with. FansLeap is focused more on connecting you to your ideal customer base that is a good fit for your particular demographic. For us to start the process you will need to select which hashtags, accounts and/or locations you’d prefer us to interact with. FansLeap will never follow or follow an account that isn’t directly connected to your preferences.


We recommend using an accounts in the middle of the range with a follower count less than one million since they usually attract a smaller audience. Similar to hashtags and places, not too large, but also not too small. FansLeap also comes with its own advanced system of targeting that can eliminate any bots, spam or accounts that are not appropriate.

  • Filtering out profanity and bad language
  • A filter for private accounts
  • Account must have been active in the last 90-days.
  • Account has to have a certain followers-to-following ratio
  • The account must be at least a specific amount of months old
  • Additionally, FansLeap clients can also apply these filters to satisfy their particular customer’s needs:
  • The gender filter (male/female)
  • A Non-English Speaking Filter
  • An account filter for business (if you’re B2C business)
  • Blacklist Filter (Avoid specific individuals)
  • Join the top 100k+ Instagram marketers

If you’re trying to attract the recognition you’re deserved on Instagram then sign up with FansLeap today and begin to attract more followers that have an interest in your business.

Another Tool for Instagram Marketing is FollowersBucket, you can explore about their services here.

How to contact Social Update Support

Following the Social Upgrade shutdown, their website is now only running one link that permits their current customers to get in touch with their customer service. But, they’re not accepting sales inquiries at the moment. If you’re trying to figure out how to cancel social upgrade the fastest method is to email them at .FansLeap provides support round all hours of the day, 24/7 via email support, as well as live chat. The Premium Plan FansLeap offers a Customer Success Manager who can aid in the selection of targets and maximize growth. There’s also an extremely helpful and thorough FAQ for quick and simple registration.

Can Social Upgrade be used to improve your life?

In the moment, Social Upgrade does not offer a dashboard for customers. To make any changes on your profile, contact their support team to get help.

Does FansLeap Work?

FansLeap utilizes targets that are specific to you and high-level statistics to show the rate of organic growth.


Under the section for followers gained of FansLeap You’ll be able view the total number of users who have gained followers. In the daily stats section of FansLeap you’ll be able to see the number of followers who have gained followers. Clients also enjoy the benefit of the recent posts section. This page lets you monitor any comments and likes you’ve received on your recent posts, and also the engagement rates.

This helps FansLeap users to determine which posts have been the most popular, making it easier to create similar content. Furthermore, clients can monitor the individual targets of each target account’s results to identify which account is providing the greatest results. This feature allows FansLeap clients are able to remove targets that aren’t performing in addition to identifying trends and add more goals to boost growth. These statistics truly create FansLeap an all-in-one solution for all of your organic growth tracking requirements.



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