The Best Paint Sprayer Option for Diyers

Painting: Your DIY project

Painting doesn’t sound much of a professional’s work; this is why many people try and take on home panting projects on themselves. It’s fun, cheap, soothing for some people, and last, of all, it can be used as a bonding project for families.

Usually, one thinks, it’s just painting. What’s the worse that can happen. Well, a lot of worse things can happen. The painting buckets dropping on your precious furniture, lumpy paint on the walls, unsmooth finish, etc.

Painting with rollers and brushes requires a lot of effort and energy. However, spray painting is comparatively easier, time-efficient, and fun to do. The Question, however, comes down to which paint sprayer you should get.

Not everyone has to buy a paint sprayer, and you can rent it or borrow it from a friend. But if you have the money, you can look into an option for buying one. You can choose from a range of titan paint sprayers or Wagner etc. There are many companies selling paint sprayers; how do we understand your confusion over which paint sprayer to get.

This is why in this article, we will outline a few features that your paint sprayer should have to get the job done.

A Guide to getting the Best Paint sprayer

To understand what kind of paint sprayer you need, you need first to understand the type of sprayer available in the market today.

Depending upon the technology, Sprayers offer different motor systems, spray patterns, spray tips, and added features.

Types of Paint Sprayers

· Air-Driven Paint Sprayers: These kinds of sprayers use air compressors and use high-pressure air to atomize paint and provide a smooth finish.

· Airless Sprayers: These are the second type of sprayers driven by gas or electric-powered tools that can mechanically pump the paint to the sprayer, atomize, and then pushed through the spray paint tip.

Once you decide on the kind of sprayer you want for your project, the next step for you to decide is to choose a spray paint tip.

Paint Sprayer Tips

A lot of paint sprayer comes with various options for spray tips that you can use for your project. These tips help with specific projects or patterns that you need on your surface. The following are the features you need to consider when getting a spray tip for your sprayer and your project:

·        Tip Size: Tip size usually refers to spray pin tips opening. Usually, this is 0.015, and sometimes it refers to the fan size and the opening size.

·        Size of the Tip: You should choose the size of your paint sprayer tip according to your project. For coating and painting large surfaces, you should choose more extensive size tips and high pressure. If you are using heavy paints, a large tip would be beneficial. 

However, if you are painting a minor area or a piece of furniture, you should go for a smaller tip size.

·        Spray Pattern: Spray patterns are usually encompassed in your spray paint tips or can be an add-on feature for your sprayer as well. The paint sprayers can spray in different designs like round, vertical, horizontal, etc.

·        Spray Pattern Tip: Spray pattern tips also come in various sizes that you can choose from. Again depending upon your project, you should choose the tip size.

·        Reversible Tips: These are the kinds of tips that are easier to clean and prevent blockage.

Other Paint Sprayer Features that you should consider:

· Choose a sprayer with a flexible and long hose.

· Choose one which has a long extension cord.

A longer hose and extension cord help with mobility and the cleaning of the paint sprayer. 

· Consider paint sprayers with wheelers and friendly mobile options that can help you paint with long-distance surfaces.

· Consider the amount of paint you would need for your project. In case you need a large number of colors, it’s best to opt for a sprayer that supports a big bucket and does not require refills.

· Consider the pressure control of paint sprayers. Titan Paint sprayers come with a good variety of options that offer you the best flexibility in terms of pressure.

· Make sure you factor in which paint sprayer is easier to clean. A few sprayers offer the option of disassembling them to give the sprayer a proper clean.

· Consider all the handy, safety, and extra features to help you. Make sure the model offers different parts, in case you need one.


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