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The “BUYING GREEN” Real Estate Investment Trend

For a long time, real estate investing in Pakistan has been on the increase due to a variety of variables, with real estate being the most popular as a safe way to gain money. Along these lines, it is not only vital to acquire property, but it is also important to examine when and how to acquire it. Click here to see luxury apartments for rent in Lahore.

Investing in real estate has been one of Pakistanis’ favorite options since it offers several advantages, such as low-cost debt leverage thanks to mortgage loans, where the value of the debt remains low in comparison to what the real estate generates through leasing.

Of course, it is critical to understand the state of the real estate project in which to invest based on the needs of the investor. For this reason, real estate companies have given many methods of acquiring real estate for many years.

According to an expert, “it is important that the people who are going to invest, can be oriented according to their personal needs because for some it is important financing, for others the delivery terms, the price, others want to pay with credit cards and without interest, some want to acquire projects in regions of their choice, etc.”

Several real estate studies and analyses confirm that, over the last ten years, real estate has risen significantly, and the profitability and capital gains of properties in yearly terms are 7.4 percent on average, with apartments accounting for 8.1 percent of annual capital gains. According to experts, these are encouraging figures, especially in a market that has exhibited linear behavior.


Investing in green allows you to make real estate significantly more profitable by having a period to generate funds or obtain additional credit in order to settle the down payment before the property is delivered. This option has grown in popularity since it provides future owners with greater protection because the project has actually begun and not just at the planning stage.

“There are no elements in the market that have these levels of profitability,” says the legal representative of the real estate company.


When deciding to build a house, it is typical to believe that it is less expensive to save the cost of employing a professional, in this case, an Architect. Some of our acquaintances and relatives may have told us that they did not engage these services and did very well; others may have told us that with the help of an engineer or interior architect, we can produce the blueprints for the construction and save this “superfluous expense.”

The same thing happens when we decide to buy a pre-built apartment; the vendor assures us that it is in wonderful shape, and adding another expense to the long list of payments we already make seems needless.

However, as the phrase goes, “cheap is expensive,” and in the following paragraphs, we will explain why this “superfluous expense” can lead to you saving not only money but also a variety of troubles.

An architect’s job is to improve people’s relationships with their surroundings while taking into account all of their demands. Needs must be understood holistically, that is, the aesthetic, functional, technological, and social needs of customers; it also takes into account elements such as climate, materials, location, terrain type, and so on.

To begin with, if you hire an architect, he will advise you on the purchase of land. Some important details are often overlooked when selecting land but are not overlooked by the professional, such as the orientation and location of the land, urban parameters, regulatory withdrawals, and permitted construction percentages (define if this percentage is adequate for the needs and preferences of your family). Studying these elements will allow you to recommend the land that will be most convenient to acquire in terms of costs and benefits.

The architect is a professional who is trained to serve as a link between the family’s ideas and the definition of the spaces, their dimensions, and the relationship between them, which is why when making distribution plans, the design of a professional assures you a good decision on important issues that are often overlooked and we only notice them when we are already consuming the spaces, such as a very narrow or very wide circulation area. These features, in addition to not having a solid practical answer, will increase the cost of construction and cause inconvenience when you have to live in your home.

In general, the architect works closely with a team of professionals from several engineering specialties, such as Structures, Sanitary Installations, Electrical Installations, and Air Conditioning Systems. The architect raises the general location of the water points and lighting system that the apartment or house carries, and it is based on this approach that each specialist will develop their engineering, but the architect specialist is ultimately in charge of ensuring compatibility between each part of the global project. It is not uncommon to come across projects where the distribution was handled by an empirical staff and the specialties were handled by non-professional electricians and/or plumbers; on-site, there are serious incompatibilities or interferences between pipes and circulations.

Budget variation owing to unforeseen changes or a lack of a comprehensive picture of an integrated cost estimate from the start is a key risk in building, remodeling, and renovations. If your project is managed by a professional, this risk is reduced because everything is planned ahead of time, allowing you to choose materials, suppliers, and finishes with a clearer vision.

The same is true for apartments and houses that have already been completed; the assistance of a professional will allow you to make better judgments and not regret your choice after you have moved in. During a tour of an apartment, the potential owner may overlook errors in design or construction, such as poorly dimensioned environments (because many times the rooms are visited without furniture and they do not have a correct perception of how they will be furnished spaces), bad location and/or design of their environments, poor lighting or ventilation, and common errors. When you buy it, it is already done; they will see them when trying to locate the furniture. Only then will they regret not having engaged a professional, who would have taken into account the equipment potential and space features, avoiding these circumstances. It could also have determined the quality of the structure in relation to the money required to purchase it. Furthermore, it will be able to advise them on whether it is truly worth what they are asking for as an investment, especially with a view to the future in possible spare parts based on your family’s demands. Click here to check luxury apartments for sale in Lahore.


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