The innovative hotel concepts in 2022

Throughout the years, the concept of hotels has evolved. It all started with coaching inns that catered to vacationers. It was only a simple location to rest before the long trek ahead the next day. More wealthier consumers expressed an interest in something more sophisticated than a bed to crash in the 18th century. That’s when things began to pick up speed. Hotels sprung up like mushrooms, promising more and better. So, here we are in the twenty-first century; what is the next evolution of the hotel concept? To find out, continue reading. Click here to see hotels in Lahore.

ZERO Box Lodge – Boxing In Your Room Or Rooftop Snorkeling?

Your room includes boxing gloves, a punching bag, and snorkeling equipment. Doesn’t it sound strange? Wait till you’ve finished reading the entire story. The punching bag may transform your room into a mini-gym, and the snorkeling kit you received is for rooftop fun.

There is even a free lodging at Zero Box Lodge, but there is a “minor catch.” Yes, you guessed it; the enormous glass wall is open to the public areas, allowing anyone to see you sleep, or…

This Portuguese hotel opted to install a giant water tank on the roof, and, as you may have guessed, this is where you can cool yourself, swim underwater, and take a dip. Neat!

Zurich Proposal – The Giant Fat Man

Forget the typical hotel approach in which they attempt to devote as much space as possible to your room. At the Proposal Zürich, you can try to sleep in the tiny bedroom upstairs or utilize the vehicle outside, which has been turned into a double bed. The rest of the site is dedicated to art. That is the basic goal of our project, even if it is a gigantic inflatable obese man who takes up your room.

The New Monte Rosa Hut – Mountain Lodge Equipped With A Human Heating System

Lucerne University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology collaborated on this dazzling crystal structure, which is oriented to bring sunlight into the gorgeous timber interior. As the heating system, the sun is meant to keep you warm.

The exterior of the Monte Rosa Hütte is crystal-shaped, with the Matterhorn peak in the distance

The idea is that your evaporating and radiating body heat is insulated within the building walls, maintaining a constant temperature. In exchange, the New Monte Rosa Hut provides a magnificent view of the Gorner Glacier as well as a comfortable spot to sleep. That’s what I call a well-functioning symbiosis!

Let the Design Speak for Itself at the Dunant Hotel!

The Dunant Hotel, advertised as a 0 star hotel (this idea appears to be problematic; see Null Stern Hotel further below), is not what you would expect. They want you to come and observe and experience the buildings and design elements without regard for a star-rating system. It’s like meeting a new person and being told, “He’s a 4.” Dunant encourages you to make your own decision.

Listen To Your Breath At The Beaumont Hotel

The Beaumont Hotel might easily pass for a standard five-star hotel near Hyde Park in London if it weren’t for something very dark and silent that it keeps hidden inside.

The acclaimed British sculptor Antony Gormley was commissioned to construct an exceptional suite for the Beaumont Hotel. It may seem weird to collaborate on a hotel suite with a sculptor rather than an interior designer, but there is a compelling rationale for it.

The Gormley’s ROOM was created as a big sculpture where you may immerse yourself in the artwork. Do you despise city noise and wish you could live on a deserted island? The Gormley’s ROOM is so quiet that you can hear your own breath. The ideal location for meditation.

Noah’s Ark and His Wild Animals

The Ark Lodge pioneered a new kind of safari. A mobile safari that comes to you. If you don’t like bumpy Jeep rides in the Indonesian heat, this is the one for you. The hotel is located in the Aberdare National Park, overlooking the Yasabara waterhole, where the show takes place.

The reservoir is a natural magnet for wildlife because it is where all sorts of animals try to get water. So all you have to do is grab a drink, relax on the panoramic terrace, and take in the scenery.

The 12 Decades Hotel – A Piece of History in Your Room

The 12 Decades Hotel transports you through Johannesburg’s lively and occasionally violent history. The twelve rooms and three apartments/penthouses are all individually designed to reflect a crucial era in Johannesburg from 1886 to 2006. The themed rooms have titles like “Minehouse” and “Perpetual Liberty,” and each one tells a historical story.

Rotel – The Mobile Hotel

Rotel, a German firm, has been in business since 1945. They created custom-made trucks, often with a massive trailer, to house people in little capsules inside. It’s similar to the Japanese capsule hotel concept, but on wheels.

Hotel Null Stern – Hotel Without A Star

Looking at the snapshot, you would wonder how this is possible in Switzerland. The country features opulent, high-end hotels that are built to impress and provide excellent service. This is exactly the statement made by the artistic entrepreneur brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin.

They built the Zero Star Hotel to stand in stark contrast to all of that. A place where you are the sole star, according to them. Alternatively, if you count the nights, there are billions of stars above you.

Million Donkey Hotel – Donkeys Are Honored In Prata Sannita

Austrian architects and local volunteers devised a wonderful challenge to construct a hotel in just one month. The name is dedicated to recognizing the effort done by donkeys, since it would not have been possible without them—the project aimed to attract tourists back to the Italian hamlet of Prata Sannita.

Manakau PurePod – Alone in the middle of nothing

There are remote escape destinations, and then there’s the Manakau PurePod. In the middle of the Seaward Kaikura Mountain Range, approximately 2.5 hours drive from Christchurch, New Zealand’s largest city on the South Island.

Glass Lovers, rejoice! Les Cols Pavellons

Les Cols Pavellons, located near the Garrotxa Volcanic Nature Reserve in Northern Spain, contains some out-of-this-world architectural designs.

IceHotel is a hotel that is rebuilt every year.

Every year, the Swedish Lapland hosts a creative festival of artists, designers, and architects to explore the possibilities of establishing an ice hotel.

The amazing constructions only last for a few months before melting away, giving the next generation of architects, designers, and artists an opportunity to come up with even greater ideas.

The ice is taken from a nearby river, and its beauty is that when it melts, it returns to mother nature. See also Hotels in Pakistan.

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