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The Rise of Animated Logos: How to Create a Memorable Logo

The essence of a logo is a condensed representation of a company’s identity and values, whether we’re talking about taglines, colors, or the emotions you want people to associate with that brand.

Memorable logos are regarded as essential elements of an effective branding strategy. An animated logo is a modern method of showcasing your brand.

When animated, your logo designs have a better chance of succeeding in the digital universe since it adds nuance, wit, and personality to the mix.

Motion designers turn uninteresting 2D static logos into compelling, moving logos that enable a business to express itself and impact the target audience.

A logo animation can execute the variety of emotions that a brand’s logo can elicit at all of its client touchpoints. Consider the energizing sensation of an animated Coca-Cola logotype.

A definite approach to upgrading your portfolio is to include motion in your skill set as a logo designer.

Creating Catchy Animated Logos

Applying the guidelines in this article to your process checklist will enable you to create and animate logos that are outstanding and eye-catching.

Conduct Research

Research is crucial before beginning to create an animated logo to produce an interesting and memorable one. Recognize the client’s company, sector, brand identity, and current static business logo.

Perform the necessary competition analysis, comprehend the current trends, and consider how you may use this information to concentrate on the ideal animation style for your logo.

Start With Some Rough Sketches

The best method to get a basic idea of the personality of your logo is using rough sketches. You can sketch the alteration within a logo at a different level to see its trajectory.

While many still use pencil and paper, many still favor digital drawing tabs for intricate sketches.

Add Motion Graphics To a Static ImageĀ 

Many programs can animate your logo, but Adobe After Effects is the best because it provides greater control and accuracy.

You must import your logo into After Effects in PNG format to use it for logo animation. To make some elements of your logo animated, use the layers option.

Import the entire design without leaving the layers option selected if you want to animate a logo fully. The effects and presets section will demonstrate the various effects, such as looping, that you can add to your logo.

Return to your notes and pick the outcome you had previously imagined. Your logo animation’s beginning and finishing points can be selected using the timeline panel.

Once everything is done, you may render the animated logo to receive the finished product.

Relate The Animated Logo To The Brand Identity

It would help if you considered all the design choices that make the static logo the ideal representation of the brand it represents when preparing the motion design effects you’ll utilize to animate your logo.

It will be easier to choose how vivid or subdued the motion graphics should be in order to be appropriate for the brand’s identity if you clearly understand the message the animated logo is designed to send and the type of audience it is meant to engage.

Similar to how an elegant logotype animation in pastels won’t impress many Esports fans, a really bouncy and wacky logo animation is unlikely to be a success with the audience of a famous finance company.

There is no restriction on your creativity as long as the animation stays true to the brand.

Configure The Animation Composition

Media files can be edited, animated, and overlaid using a component, which is a container.

The project panel will contain multiple pieces that are arranged as part of a larger production, like a movie. Therefore, each composition will have a separate timeline and may be thought of as a single scene in the movie.

By right-clicking and selecting Compose first, you may make each layer a standalone art piece.

The subsequent component will provide the layer with a separate animation timeline. Additionally, a timeline connected to the primary model might be used if you want to animate the entire logo instantly.

Know the Value of Easing

Using easing functions, you may control how quickly animation transitions between keyframes.

Linear easing

is selected by default when using SVGator to animate a logo. While this is the default setting, there are many easing presets you may choose from to regulate the pacing of your animation, as well as the possibility to tailor easing to your preferences.

Gaining proficiency with easing enables you to produce animations of logos that appear more organic. But easing is more than just having a natural sensation.

Mastering bespoke ease effects can significantly increase your capacity to shape the perception of each animation logo you produce, from dramatic entrances for industry heavyweights to charming customers with pleasing, playful, and rewarding loops.

For outstanding animated brand graphics, you’ll also need to consider additional motion design elements, such as anticipation, exaggeration, etc., in addition, to ease.

Adobe After Effects Animation

Experienced and beginner graphic designers use Adobe After Effects to create animated visuals for various purposes, including GIFs and logos.

Explore a few introductory classes before beginning if you are unfamiliar with this program because it can initially seem daunting. Before beginning your first project, you can follow this to get familiar with the software.

First, import your logo into After Effects with a transparent background (the PNG file version is preferred over the JPG version).

Keep the layers option selected when importing if you only want to animate specific portions of the image. If not, you can import the entire design without the layers, and the overall graphic will employ the animation effects.

Explore Professional and Advanced Animators

Limiting yourself to simple animators may become boring for both you and your logo design portfolio.

However, learning how to animate a logo utilizing beginner lessons will help you understand fundamental animation techniques in no time.

Profit from the versatility of logo animation as a creative outlet by experimenting with more sophisticated animators (morph, fill, filters, skew, stroke path animators).

The best-animated logos can quickly convey a message, and when there is a lot to show, animating morphs is similar to using a magic wand.

You can save a lot of time while creating effects by using SVGator’s automatic motion path option.

Final Word

Top organizations invest a lot of money in logo development because they understand how important a logo is in determining a brand’s overall value.

If a company does a good job of branding, most individuals can quickly identify the brand just by looking at the logo.

The purpose of the organization, the nature of the brand, and other factors influence how a company’s logo animates.

Assigning the logo design job to a skilled custom logo design company or motion graphic professional familiar with SVG logo animations and other ideas to create the company’s best-animated logo is essential.


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