Benefits to Taking a Desert Safari in Dubai

Things to Do on a Dubai Desert Safari

What’s better than a Camel ride across the sand dunes? Dune bashing? A Bedouin-style camp? These are some of the most popular activities during the Dubai Desert Safari. But which activities will you find most enjoyable? Read on for some ideas. You may even be surprised by what you find! Read on for some tips on how to get the most out of your Dubai desert safari. We’ll go over the highlights and how to book a tour in this region of the UAE.

Camel ride

Take a Camel ride on Dubai Desert Safari for a unique experience. The camels are the most ancient form of transport in the desert. The 45-minute trek takes you through the barren landscape, following the paths of Bedouin travelers. You’ll also get to witness a falcon show, which showcases the Emirati way of life. These amazing creatures can fly at speeds of up to 390 km/h.

You can also enjoy the camel ride during a visit to a camel farm. This is a fun way to learn about these majestic animals, as well as see them in action. Usually, it’s best to ride in groups, so you can share the excitement with your friends and family. Camels are friendly and tame, but small children can get frightened easily. Camel rides should be taken only by those who are at least five years old.

The camel is the oldest form of transportation in the ancient Arab world. The camel is also an excellent way to see the desert. The ride can be taken during the morning or evening. You’ll enjoy Arabic coffee, local snacks, tea, soft drinks, and Arabic-style desserts. A dinner buffet is provided at the desert camp along with shisha pipes, henna tattoos, and a traditional Bedouin show.

Dune bashing

If you’ve never been dune bashing before, you’re in for a treat! This new form of adventure allows you to experience Dubai’s wild side – and will push you to your limits! Dune bashing is an excellent way to see the city’s equator-facing side and explore the expansive subculture. You’ll also get to see some amazing wildlife and take in the stunning scenery of the Dubai Desert.

The dune-bashing portion of the trip takes about an hour and involves a convoy of air-conditioned vehicles that ride close together in the desert. During the event, the vehicles perform a variety of stunts, including slipping, spinning, and sand-bashing. It’s a thrill-filled experience for any age, and participants will need to stay focused and be careful as the sand-filled environment can be a challenge.

There are two main types of safaris, the morning and evening safaris. Evening safaris pick you up at 3 PM and drop you off at 4:00 PM, while the morning safari is only 30 to 40 minutes long. It’s important to know what time of day you’re traveling so that you don’t get caught up in the crowds on your return to the city. The evening safari is perfect for those who have other tours that require them to leave the desert sooner than they would like.

Bedouin-style camp

When staying at a Bedouin-style camp on Dubai Desert safari, you’ll experience a true taste of the Middle East. Guests will experience traditional Bedouin food and belly dancers while enjoying the desert’s natural beauty. Then, when you’re ready to refuel, you can enjoy a traditional feast while enjoying the view from your tent. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy a camel trek and have your face painted in traditional Middle Eastern clothing.

Guests arriving at the Bedouin-style camp are greeted with Arabic coffee, dates, and local sweets. You can also participate in traditional activities such as riding a camel, smoking shisha, getting a henna tattoo, or shopping. There’s even a belly-dance show, so you can dance the night away. While you’re on safari, you’ll also have the opportunity to watch a belly dancer and belly-dancer perform traditional dances.

In addition to the traditional Bedouin culture and your Dubai city tour, a desert safari gives visitors a taste of modern life in a unique setting. A Bedouin-style camp allows for cultural entertainment as well as a delicious meal in the desert under the stars. Those who have been to Dubai before may be surprised to learn about its ancient history. While a traditional Bedouin camp in Dubai is a unique way to experience the desert, there is a much more authentic experience in the city.


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