Things You MUST Do After Getting Pregnant


Suppose you went to a pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test strip. You came home, went to the bathroom, peed on the strip and you got positive. You are pregnant. But, what now? What would you do? What should you do?

You will be panicking at that time and nothing will be making sense to you. It is normal. Remember to do a few things and you will be okay. The first thing you will have to do is to take a deep breath, it does not matter whether you were expecting a positive result or not, you will be surprised and your head will be all over the place. You will be having a billion thoughts, imaginations, emotions, and a sense of panic about the future.

But now is not the time to imagine, it is time to make good decisions like getting an ultrasound, another test, telling someone close, and thinking about your health.

Here is what you need to do after you get a positive pregnancy test.


Tell Someone Close

It depends on whether you were trying to get pregnant or not, but in both cases, it is better to tell someone and let him/her do the thinking and keep you calm.

If you were expecting this, you should tell your partner, your boyfriend, a close friend, a family member, or anyone you think is worth telling. It will feel comforting because talking to someone is really a great way to work your emotions out and be more focused on what to do next.


Take Another Test

Sometimes the strip can be false, it may show you a negative result when you were positive or vice versa, thus it is important to take another test to make sure the result is positive. Another thing you can do is to get medical help immediately and talk to your physician. They might take a few more but accurate tests and give you the reports at some time.

If you get a positive result, you might not have to retake the test, although many women prefer to do so just to be sure. Making an appointment with your physician or midwife is a better choice after getting a positive result.


Start Taking Vitamins And Improve Your Diet

Prenatal vitamins are an absolute must throughout pregnancy. It’s yet another important action to take after learning you are expecting (or even while attempting to conceive) to guarantee a healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal vitamins, which include folic acid, are the ideal method to supplement this need since pregnant women need folate to aid with their baby’s growth. Also, if during pregnancy you get hurt by someone, or got into an accident, talk immediately to a personal injury lawyer.


Final Thoughts

Along with regular checkups, tests, and taking medicines regularly, it is better to plan your finances as well because as soon as the baby will be born, you will have to spend a lot in the first two to three months. Plan everything out so that you will not have to worry afterwards.

Also, read books about pregnancy and how to be a better mom, we need more of them.


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