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Tips to Improve Your iPhone Battery Health 

Are you constantly finding yourself at the Starbucks counter with your iPhone in hand, desperately trying to get more juice out of it before your next meeting? Do you feel like Apple is playing a cruel joke on its users, storing less and less battery power while holding onto expensive charging cables? Though this isn’t the case, it can seem that way when our phones continually die after just hours of usage. 


The good news is that there are some tips we can use to make sure our iPhones stay running longer plus we will also let you know about the best iPhone repair in Lakeland so we don’t have to worry as much about running out of juice! In this blog post, I will give you some strategies for improving your iPhone battery health so that you won’t be caught off guard by an uncharged device.

Understanding Why Your iPhone Battery Performance Might Be Slowing Down 

iOS Updates 

Apple regularly releases new versions of iOS, its mobile operating system, which can affect how your phone works and performs. Generally, these updates are meant to improve your phone’s performance, but they can also cause problems like decreased battery life. 


This is due to changes in the OS, such as updated settings or security patches, that might not be compatible with older phones. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have the latest version of iOS installed on your device so you can take full advantage of all the new features and get the best performance out of your phone. 


Battery Age 

The age of your iPhone’s battery can also influence how well it performs over time. Batteries naturally wear out with use and age, so if you’ve had your phone for several years, its aging battery is starting to slow down performance-wise due to the natural degradation of its capacity over time. If this seems like it may be the case then replacing your old battery with a new one might help improve performance significantly! 



Extreme temperatures can be dangerous for any device but especially so for iPhones due to their internal lithium-ion batteries which are sensitive to heat and cold alike. Keeping your iPhone away from direct sunlight or other sources of high temperatures is key to maintaining its battery health, as well as protecting it from extreme cold weather conditions too! 


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How to Keep Your iPhone Battery Healthy 

Charge Regularly 

One of the best ways to improve your iPhone battery health is to charge regularly. It’s important to remember that when you leave your phone on the charger overnight or for extended periods of time it will not actually extend the life of your battery. In fact, it can have quite the opposite effect and reduce its performance over time. Therefore, it’s best to only charge your phone when the battery gets low and avoid leaving it plugged in any longer than necessary. 


Check Your Settings 

Another way to improve battery health is by making sure that all of your settings are configured correctly. For example, if you’re not using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi make sure they are turned off as these can drain the power quickly if left on all day. Additionally, try turning down the brightness on your screen as this will help conserve energy as well as make sure that all apps are updated so that they don’t take up unnecessary resources in the background which could lead to a decrease in performance over time.


Turn Off Unused Features 

You should also be sure to turn off any unused features or services that may be draining your battery power without you even realizing it. For example, if you don’t need location services turned on, be sure to turn them off in order to conserve energy and extend your battery life accordingly. 


Power Saving Mode 

Finally, you should consider using Power Saving Mode if you find yourself needing extra battery life throughout the day. This mode will dim your display brightness and turn off certain features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in order to conserve power and give you more juice when you need it most. Additionally, you can also adjust settings such as background app refresh frequency or disable location services if needed in order to further reduce power consumption while still preserving usability. 


With these simple tips in mind, you should be able to get more out of your iPhone’s battery life each day! Remember to reduce brightness levels when possible and manage notifications carefully so as not to drain power unnecessarily. Finally, close any unused apps before exiting them–this will help conserve energy while still allowing you to enjoy all that your device has to offer! Additionally, you can consult a professional and reliable iPhone repair in Lakeland so that your phone performs normally. All of these steps combined should help optimize your device’s performance and keep its battery healthy longer than ever before!


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