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Tips to Maintain Health of a Child

A healthy lifestyle is necessary to maintain good health. Nowadays children are facing problems of obesity or being overweight. It is because of the unhealthy habits that tend to cause these problems. Life has become so busy that often parents neglect the health needs of their children. It is essential to set the habits of your children at an early age. Also, as a parent, you must follow a healthy lifestyle for yourself because children usually follow their parents. If you are concerned about the health of your child, here we shall discuss a few tips to maintain the health of a child.

Eating Habits:

           It is recommended to eat a healthy breakfast because it is due to the breakfast that you remain charged up during the entire day. Every week, you may ask your children to plan and prepare a meal once. Also,, the whole family should eat together. It creates a sense of togetherness and love among children. Teach your children to eat slowly and chew the bite well. Research suggests that the brain usually takes 20 minutes to tell the body ultimately. So your eating time must not be less than 20 minutes. Make fruits and vegetables part of your menu. Each day there must be fruit and vegetable on your dining table. In this way, children will develop a habit of eating vegetables and fruits that they usually avoid. It is highly recommended to intake maximum liquid in water and fresh juice. Also, when you serve food to your children, it is recommended to do small portions because that will excite a child to eat more.

Use of Cooking Oil:

It is recommended to use olive, canola, or sunflower oil instead of processed oils. If you want to take snacks for your children, it is better to choose snacks with better nutrients and energy. You can consult a doctor for vitamin supplements that will help your children grow.


           To make your child active, you must set 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity. This physical activity will enable your child to be active throughout the day. So move your child as much as you can. They must not sit idle at one place. You can make your children progress in their playtime. Select a sport or game that involves physical movement. In this way,, children will learn to remain fit in a fun way. It is recommended to be active at the home by doing home chores that involve physical movement. You can assign duties to your children of dusting, gardening, or walking with the pet dog.

Vacation Plan:

Most importantly, when you plan to go on vacation, you must add hiking to your plan. You will be able to burn calories by doing these physical activities. Also, set a limiting schedule for video games, TV, and computer. Set time of 2 hours maximum for these static activities. Make them learn to focus more on physical activities. When you are out with your children in a shopping mall or any place with an elevator, ask your children to use stairs instead of the elevator. You can bring weight machines to stretch machines in your home and encourage your children to use the devices while watching TV.

Essential Things to Consider:

           It is recommended to keep track of your eating activity when you eat and how much you eat. Also, track your physical activity in terms of type and time. Make your children learn to eat only at the dining table. They must not be eating while watching TV or driving. This will help them focus on what and how much they are eating because while watching TV or driving, the focus is diverted to other things. Make your children eat when they are hungry. Please do not force them to eat even when they are full.

Liquid Intake:

 It is essential to intake liquid so if you are taking liquid other than water, make sure that the drink has minimum calories. Often there is a time when your child feels depressed, stressed,, or down due to any reason, so this situation does not make your child eat. Instead,, bring your child outside to play any sport or walk with your child.

Often children are called with their nicknames, but it is recommended first to ask our child what name they want themself to be contacted with. For instance,, Diana bird is your child’s name, so you may call her a bird with her permission.

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