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Top 10 Security Companies in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a security company Melbourne, you may have a tough time narrowing down the choices. With so many different companies out there, it’s important to take your time and research each one to see which ones you believe are the best.


G4S (Group 4 Securicor) is a multinational security company. It provides services to 125 countries around the world. The company’s revenues come from its work guarding private property, cash transportation, and policing.

However, G4S has faced intense criticism for its misdeeds. One of the more serious complaints is the company’s treatment of prison inmates in the United Kingdom. Several reports have documented cases of physical and sexual abuse and deaths in its custody.

The company was also accused of involuntary medicating inmates. Despite this, the company has maintained its position in the prison sector. In October 2013, G4S was awarded a contract to run a new “mega-prison” in Wellingborough, England.

G4S’s ties to government officials should raise concern. G4S has hired former police commissioners, the current chairman of the UK’s National Crime Agency, and several other high-profile officials.

G4S employees have been put in charge of prisons, nuclear facilities, stadiums, and neighborhoods. They’ve even been in charge of banks. But G4S’s close relationship with government officials raises the question of whether the company is following statutory policies.

Aegis Defence Services

Aegis Defence Services is a British company that is involved with the private military and government sectors. It offers specialist security solutions for extreme threats.

The firm is also a part of the UN and diplomatic sector, as well as the oil and gas industry. In addition, it has a major contract with the U.S. Government, which is worth $293 million.

However, in 2015, the firm was acquired by Canadian giant GardaWorld. This move came in the wake of the Australian government cutting funding for security in Kabul. Since then, the company has been under scrutiny for its performance and its controversial role in a deadly incident in Baghdad.

Aegis was contracted to provide security support for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in Iraq. Additionally, the firm is working with the US Embassy in Kabul. Among its other contracts, the firm provides a tax-free pay rate to elite close personal protection specialists.


AlliedBarton Security Services is a security company that has been around for over fifty years. The company has more than 55,000 employees and 120 district offices across the U.S. It specializes in providing services for commercial and residential properties. These include malls, health care facilities, higher education campuses, and chemical and aerospace industries.

In addition to physical guarding, the company offers a variety of other security services. These include security planning, emergency & medical response, and corporate risk. The company also has a robust system of quality assurance management.

AlliedBarton was founded in 1957 and is based in Pennsylvania. Today, it has a workforce of over 60,000 people. With a portfolio of more than 3,000 customers in various markets, the company is a leader in the U.S. security services market.

AlliedBarton is a private security company that provides customized and customizable security services. It has a team of highly trained security personnel and a focus on national support.

50mm Security Services

Choosing the right security company for your property is a daunting task. However, it is important to pick a professional company. You will have peace of mind and a safe environment for your family and your business. Moreover, you will be able to keep your assets and your property secure.

Some of the leading security companies in Melbourne are Unified Protective Group Pty Ltd, MA Services Group, and Wilson Security. These companies offer a wide range of services that will meet your needs.

The Unified Protective Group Pty Ltd offers high-quality security services to its clients. This Melbourne-based company provides electronic security installations, static guards, alarm monitoring, and mobile patrols. They also offer competitive, flexible security solutions.

MA Services Group is a customer-oriented company that is focused on the national market. Their employees have years of experience in the industry. They have proven to be dependable and efficient. Moreover, they are dedicated to improving their service.

Trident Services Australia Pty Ltd (Trident)

If you are looking for an Australian-based security company that delivers on their promises, you may want to look at Trident Services Australia Pty Ltd. This security provider is renowned for providing high-quality security services to businesses of all sizes. They offer a range of services, including asset management, electronic security installations, general cleaning, and tailored service solutions for commercial facilities, public parklands, and council facilities.

One of the company’s newest innovations is their Technical Showroom. The facility opened in October of this year. It is equipped with top-notch technology, and is staffed by industry experts who can make a quick decision based on the needs of the client.

Trident Services Australia Pty Ltd has a long history in the security field. It started out in 1923 when John Roche left his position as Superintendent with the NSW Police Department to start his own security business. Today, the business boasts more than 1400 employees at more than 40 sites around Australia.

Wilson Security

In 2007, Wilson Security Pty Ltd was established. It provides security services across Australia. The company offers mobile patrols, monitoring of burglar alarms, and fire alarms. They also provide emergency & medical response services, and develop specific security solutions.

As a leading security company, Wilson Security has an aggressive and comprehensive approach. It partners with its clients to understand their needs and create a unique solution. They are committed to providing the highest quality security standards.

Aside from being one of the top security companies in Australia, Wilson Security also has a unique security solution model. This is a comprehensive security solution that covers physical, emotional, and financial security. All aspects of the solution are designed to protect the business and people.

During the Victorian government’s COVID-19 investigation, three private security firms were contracted to provide guards for quarantine hotels. However, the hotel was suspected of being a source of the second wave of COVID-19.

Senaca Group

Security companies offer the security protection you need to safeguard your assets and people. Their services provide immediate, physical, and emotional assurance of safety. They also provide long-term peace of mind.

Some of the best security companies in Australia and around the world provide scalable, innovative solutions to protect your business. These companies also provide risk management services, such as consultancy and emergency response, to help your organization make risk-based decisions.

One of the leading security providers in Melbourne is Unified Protective Group Pty Ltd. The company offers a range of services, including CCTV surveillance, alarm monitoring, mobile patrols, and static guards. In addition, it offers security solutions for commercial facilities, events, and public parklands.

Certis Security is another security company that has a reputation for providing a range of high-quality security services. Their personnel undergo an extensive screening process, which includes literacy assessments, reference checks, and police checks.

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