Top 5 Reasons To Pursue A Professional Online DBA Degree

Are you also interested in pursuing a PhD program but do not want to quit your job? No worries read this blog to know the alternative of a PhD program. Moreover, I will also tell you 5 big reasons to pursue it. Before getting into it I would like to tell you what is Online DBA program.  It is valid or not? And many more. If you pursue an Online DBA then, you do not have to quit your job.

What is DBA? 

DBA stands for Doctorate of Business Administration it is a doctorate program that adds up the “Dr” title before your name. The minimum duration to complete the program is 3 years to 5 years whereas in PhD program you have to spend a minimum of 5 years to 7 years to get your doctorate degree.

What is an Online DBA?

Now, let’s understand what is an Online DBA. In an online DBA program, you do not have to visit college daily and your classes are held in an Online mode. You give exams in an Online mode. For any of these, you do not have to visit college. You can easily upskill while earning.

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Reasons to Pursue an Online DBA?

There are various reasons to pursue an Online DBA. Some of the top reasons are mentioned below-

1- Add a “Dr” Title- PhD and a DBA program are a doctorate program that adds up a “Dr” title before your name which signifies that you are an expert in that field. Moreover, the syllabus of DBA consists of all the topics that help you become an expert in the field.

2- International Faculty- The second reason is you get to study from international faculties who have years of experience in the field and they also have published their works in top journals. They can guide you to the best to publish your work in top journals.

3- Duration- The third reason is the duration, the duration to complete the DBA program it takes you a minimum of 3 years to 5 years whereas to complete a PhD program, it takes a minimum of 5 years to 7 years to complete it. In a DBA program, you receive your doctorate degree in less time in comparison to the PhD program. 

4- Reach C-level Positions- You can easily reach C-level positions like CEO, COO, etc by pursuing an Online DBA program. By pursuing this program, you can reach C-level positions by not spending more of your time with a DBA program. Do you know that to reach these positions it takes you years but not with the DBA program?

5-Stand out from the Crowd- When you pursue an Online DBA program, it will add a “Dr” title before your name and when any recruiter sees it you will get better job opportunities, higher salary packages, and many more. It signifies that you are an expert in the field and experts are always paid better.

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Universities offering you an Online DBA 

Various universities are offering you an Online DBA program. Some of them are mentioned below with fees. 

  • Golden Gate University- INR 8,14,000
  • Rushford Business School- INR 8,12,500
  • ESGCI International School of Management Paris- INR 8,14,000

Is It Valid In India? 

Now, the question arises if it is valid in India or not. So I would like to tell you that your DBA degree is valid in India if it is earned from a WES-recognised International University. Currently, no Indian universities are offering a DBA program because an Online PhD program is not recognized by the UGC.

How College Vidya can help you find the Right Online University for you 

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One of the greatest advantages of choosing a College Vidya is it only features authentic Online Universities so you do not have to worry about any fraud.


An Online DBA is a perfect alternative for you if you are interested in pursuing a PhD program without leaving your job. It offers you various advantages such as getting to study from an International faculty, adding a “Dr” title before your name, standing out from a crowd, reaching C-Level positions, get your doctorate degree in less time in comparison to a PhD program.

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