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What are the Advantages of corporate video production?

Wondering why you should get your own corporate video made? There are plenty of reasons, including a higher sales conversion rate, more exposure to new potential customers, and higher sales lead after people watch the video. Videos are among the most dynamic and inventive forms of media out there. Video can be extremely effective in marketing your company or organization. Listed below are some key benefits of corporate video production that you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding whether to run this type of video campaign.…

Benefits of Corporate Video Production

When you’re in business, you need to stay a step ahead. And sometimes, that means staying two steps ahead! Your customers will quickly realize if you aren’t offering an updated product or service. Video can be a fantastic way to communicate with clients and show them what else is possible within your field. As per the top video production company in Bangalore – a well-produced video can convey important messages in under 90 seconds—something most people would take hours to explain face-to-face. Imagine being able to offer new services without retraining or hiring another person; corporate video production allows you to do that! And because your team spends less time explaining and more time building, your company will continue growing at a steady pace.

1. Business Communication

A company’s video is one of its most powerful marketing tools, so it makes sense to use a professional. As experts in telling a story and engaging audiences, business video producers can help your company show off its work as engaging and captivating. They’ll also help you leverage data and technical information into a storyline that resonates with viewers. Leading corporate video production company in Bangalore – Honeycomb Creatives specialize in turning data-heavy projects into clear and compelling videos that will captivate audiences and motivate them to take action. With our expertise, we’ve created videos for major brands in India as well as startups looking to build awareness.

2. Boost Sales

Well-produced videos provide an excellent way to capture and retain your audience’s attention. And when you can grab your potential customers’ undivided attention, you have an opportunity to start a meaningful conversation and make them aware of how your products or services can help them. In fact, video has become such a powerful marketing tool that some businesses have reported increases in sales ranging from 3% to 55%—and some studies show even greater effects on conversion rates than that. For example, over half (51%) of consumers want companies with which they do business to offer videos explaining their products or services. In addition, 81% say they like it when companies offer personalized videos tailored to what they want or need.

3. Reduce Costs

If you want to make videos for your brand but don’t want to shell out for a full-time employee, you can save yourself some money by hiring an outside contractor. Hiring contractors also allows you to change course if need be. A recent video project that didn’t work out as planned? Avoiding losses is easy – move on and find another contractor who might be able to do a better job. And with thousands of qualified professionals vying for your business, you’re likely to find someone at a price point that works for your company—no matter how small it is. Many agencies offer discounts for projects that require multiple videos, so it’s wise to keep future projects in mind when crafting today’s script.

4. Enhance Reputation

Employee engagement is difficult to measure and increases over time rather than reaching a steady state. A low employee engagement rate can cause a company to lose key employees that end up taking their intellectual capital with them. Video can play a vital role in boosting a company’s reputation and brand voice, as video allows an organization’s leaders to get personal in front of all employees. These personal videos can be used as a way for an organization’s CEO or executive leadership team members (e.g., CFO, COO) to share news, announce new initiatives, share tips on how to succeed at work, give shout-outs to certain individuals and teams, etc.

5. Increase Employee Engagement

When it comes to engaging your employees, one way to get there is through video. A video can take your employees on a journey through your product or service, explaining what it does and why it’s valuable. If your content is more specific, it will engage your employees and audience, who relate and ultimately buy into what you’re selling. Video also offers something many other types of content can’t: interaction with customers. Video allows for real-time feedback from users, which means that you can use video as an instant customer support tool. If someone is unsure how to use your product, they can ask right then and there without waiting for a reply. This kind of engagement is invaluable in building brand loyalty among customers. Video also helps improve search engine optimization (SEO) because Google values video highly in its search results rankings. Finally, video is simply just fun!

6. Improve Brand Awareness

If you’re marketing to a B2B audience, video is one of your most powerful tools. In fact, nearly 75% of people watch a video every week (and 3/4 of them share those videos). You can’t afford to ignore video’s influence over purchasing decisions—especially if you want your brand or product to be successful. Research shows that customers who view your company’s YouTube channel and visit your website after watching a product demo have an 86% higher purchase intent than those who don’t watch any videos. When it comes down to it, producing a corporate video lets consumers learn more about your company in one sitting than other forms of media allow.


In short, corporate video production is a brilliant way to promote your business or product because the potential for interaction is so high. These videos are immensely popular because they capture attention and create an emotional connection with viewers, which makes them a valuable asset when it comes to marketing. A great video can surely make a lasting impression on consumers and sway them to want more information or even purchase the product you’re presenting—and this is just one of the many reasons digital marketing experts believe corporate video production to be one of the most important effective tools out there.

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