Electronic Back Pressure Regulator

What are the defects of the Electronic Back Pressure Regulator?

If you don’t know much about the back pressure regulators then you have landed in the right place. Here you should know that an electronic back pressure regulator is the equipment that is responsible for maintaining downstream pressure on the basis of its inlet fluid pressure. When the pressure of fluid in the inlet of the back pressure regulator exceeds the set psi by the operator then it would simply open its outlet valves and release the excessive pressure. Now you must know that the working of the pneumatic pressure regulator electronic is similar to that of the modern relief valves. 

But in the case of an electronically controlled pressure regulator, you would see that the main focus of the equipment is on controlling the outlet pressure instead of 0/1 actuation in order to release the excess pressure. You would see that the electronic back pressure regulator is going to change its position constantly just to make sure that the downstream pressure is not disturbed. Today you can see that the back pressure regulator is being used to control gas, mixed phase, liquid, and other fluids. 

What is the key difference between a Pressure and Back Pressure Regulator?

Here you should know that pressure regulators, which are also commonly known as low flow electronic pressure regulator is the device that is basically used to reduce the high pressure of gas to a lower register by managing the inlet supply. Whereas the electronic back pressure regulator works in a different way. They would simply regulate the internal pressure of the valve to maintain the outlet stream. These kinds of regulator devices would open up only when they need to manage the upstream pressure.

What are the common Defects of the Back Pressure Regulator?

Here are some of the cons that you need to know before you get your electronic back pressure regulator equipment.

Blockages in Internal Valves

Modern day back pressure regulator tools don’t have self cleaning features. Moreover, you must know that the internal valve moves a lot in this kind of equipment so there is always a chance of blockage and clogs. Once there is a blockage in the device you would see that it would start to malfunction. To avoid this you need to regularly maintain the digital pressure regulator.

Require Power Backup

Here you must also know that the electronic back pressure regulator as the name tells us is the equipment that is powered electronically. So to get accurate pressure management results it is important that you have a constant pressure supply. If the power supply is cut off then it means that the valve would stop functioning and the operation would come to a halt. You need to arrange a power backup for this purpose.

Incorrect Pressure Setting 

When you are using the electronic pressure regulator you need to make sure that the pressure settings are established according to the user manual of the regulator. Incorrect pressure setting or using the device for the wrong application can damage its internal components. Back pressure regulators are a bit complicated to use as compared to the simple digital regulator devices.

These are some of the common disadvantages of using the back pressure regulators.

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