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What can be your career option after becoming a drone pilot?

Drone pilots are becoming a popular career option amongst the youngsters. The skill of flying an unmanned aircraft system is becoming useful in various industries. As a young individual or a person wanting to make a career being a drone pilot, it is important to know about how to become an FAA certified drone pilot’. 

But before you jump on knowing the process of how to become an FAA certified drone pilot, you must search the details of the various industries in which you can build a flourishing career. Today, drone pilots are becoming a vital part of agriculture, surveillance, delivery services and many more related industries.

Business uses of drone pilots:

When it comes to commercial use, drone pilots are helping the following in various ways:

  1. Agriculture – Growing crops the traditional way does not lead to huge income for farmers. In order to increase the earnings of farmers, the drone pilots can be of assistance. Basically, the level of production depends largely on the quality of soil. Survey and scientific analysis can help farmers in identifying the areas where they need to work. Manual inspection is time consuming. Additionally farmers can still fail at identifying all the trouble areas of the farm. Searching for weeds and its manual removal is not a feasible option. As an illustration, the drone pilots can help farmers in identifying failing crops beforehand. This not just helps them in maintaining a healthy crop but also leads to high quality inventory of crops. With the help of drones, farmers can have a detailed look at their farm and locate the unwanted plants. Just small surveys will surely save farmers a lot of money and will help them in selling the best produce in the market.
  2. Architecture and construction – Can you think of hiring a good architect residing in a city different from yours. Well presently this may sound absurd.Currently this is not possible because one cannot create a design without location inspection. But with the existence of drones, this is not a far off vision. Architects are all praises for the invention of the unmanned aircraft systems. These drones are enabling architects to widen their reach. With the help of drones, architects can get a 3D view of the property without visiting the place in reality. The drone photography and videography is helping in creating the 3D renderings of the design an architect has in mind.
  3. Delivery – The use of drones for delivery is on the minds of many. Currently drone pilots are helping with the delivery of low weight food items. But once the drones become capable of enduring heavy weights, the delivery time for all the online orders will definitely reduce. The general public will be able to receive their orders in a very short span. Usage of drones for delivery is also an environmentally friendly idea. The delivery partners will not unnecessarily utilize petrol. Moreover, the delivery partners will not have to get stuck in traffic jams.
  4. Emergency services – It is obvious that the best doctors can not reach out to each and every patient in need. However the drone pilots can definitely help the doctors in monitoring a patient’s condition without being physically present with them. Be it the accident location or a serious patient residing in a different city, drone pilots can help in improving the overall medical facilities. Furthermore, delivery of medicines and other essential medical supplies can be possible in a short while with the help of drones. This will surely create an effective medical system which will build trust amongst the general public.
  5. Engineering – Keeping a check on oil pipelines, transmission cables, etc is important. Engineers working with big engineering firms can now monitor the progress of a project by collaborating with drone pilots. This allows them to work on multiple projects at one time without compromising on the quality of work. The drone pilots’ help in improving the skills of engineers and the profitability of large engineering firms. Drones can be immensely useful when it comes to engineering.
  6. Environmental monitoring and conservation – Accessing animal populations is a difficult task. Having said that, the drone makes environmental monitoring and conservation relatively easy. As the drones are discreet, they become useful in monitoring the animal population without creating any disturbance in the natural habitat of animals. The unique quality of drones is surely helping diverse fields.
  7. Media – Providing live news to the public in the toughest scenarios is nowadays possible due to the usage of drones in the media. Not only the large news reporters but also the local news companies are now providing real-time information to the public. All this advancement is due to the collaboration of drone pilots with the media. Furthermore, use of drones for news coverage also keeps the safety of news reporters intact.
  8. Training – In order to learn how to fly drones, one has to own a drone. Not every individual is willing to purchase a drone beforehand. Hence acknowledging the gap, drones are now becoming the mode of teaching young individuals how to fly drones. Training and knowledge about the FAA rules and regulations is becoming an inevitable part in the learning and development sector.

The above mentioned commercial uses can be either full time or part time. Additionally, because this is a growing field, the sharp minds are testing and coming up with various unique ways in which drone pilots can help.


Drone is such a useful technology, that merely owning a drone and renting it out to pilots can also become a major income source. So whether you are looking to help companies with marketing, or photography, or maybe designing and surveillance, just getting hold of a license to fly drones will give you access to the industry of your choice.

Hence irrespective of your age, ensure to dig deep into the research of being a drone pilot. You will definitely find a new income source with the skill of flying drones.

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