eyelid lift surgery

What is upper eyelid surgery, and how much does it cost?

Eyelid lift surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures for functional and cosmetic reasons. It is because of the loosening of the eyelid skin to droop over the eyes to obstruct vision and cause an unpleasant look. Eyelid skin is the thinnest on the face to droop or sag with ageing or for genetic reasons. In medical terms, it is called dermatochalasis, to cause sagging or droopy eyelids with heaviness. Also, it may cause puffy eyes, eye bags, wrinkles and others to not only look old but also cause eye irritation, redness and vision issues. Hence it becomes for the affected person not to see, read, use a smartphone, or even work or drive properly. Also, the eye is the central feature of the face to look eye-to-eye with others; excess skin covering it will give a bad appearance. Hence, this article will discuss the best upper eyelid surgery to remove the excess skin, muscle or fat covering the eyelids to have clear vision and to look young and beautiful. What is the best eyelid lift surgery? Many people have excess skin in their eyelids that covers the eyes to hinder vision and give an unpleasant look. It has many causes, like ageing, genetic factors, previous eyelid surgery, neurological conditions, frequent eye rubbing, etc. Also, because of many underlying conditions like Graves’ ophthalmopathy or thyroid eye disease, cutis laxa or connective tissue issues, injury or trauma to eyelids. Amyloidosis, Ethers-Danlos syndromes xanthelasma, etc. With so many causes for dermatochalasis or excess skin fat or muscle on eyelids to cover the eyes, it is essential to have the best eyelid lift surgery. By definition, upper eyelid surgery or upper blepharoplasty is the surgical procedure to repair or reconstruct the upper eyelid. It also includes the management of the orbital septum, upper eyelid skin, underlying ptosis, and rectifying deficient or excess preaponeurotic and media orbital fat. The surgical procedure done by expert oculoplastic surgeons in the best skin clinic with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment is not only for reconstructive and cosmetic purposes but also for functional reasons. How is the best upper eyelid surgery done? Dermatochalasis refers to redundancy or laxity of the muscles and skin on the eyelids. It is because of the changes caused by elastic tissue loss, epidermis thinning, connective tissue weakening, rubbing or mechanical forces, age, heredity and others. It causes the thin eyelid skin loosening to cause extra skin on the eyelids. It affects the vision and looks unpleasant for many people to undergo upper eyelid surgery. Hence it is essential to know how the eyelid lift surgery gets done to remove the excess skin for having a youthful look and clear vision. Anyone with excess skin or droopy eyelids can undergo upper blepharoplasty to get rid of it and look beautiful. Though most of those undergoing this surgery are above 35 years old, even those with lesser age can have it to reverse ageing signs and facial structure to have a flawless look. The experienced oculoplastic surgeon will cut along the natural lines of the eyelids after administering local anaesthesia by injecting a painkiller around the eye with oral or IV sedation. After cutting, the surgeon removes excess fat, skin or muscle by separating the skin from the underlying tissue. Next is to close the cuts with small stitches in the upper eyelids to remove within three to six days. The entire upper eyelid surgery is done in CQC registered skin clinic as a walk-in and walk-out procedure. How much does the upper eyelid surgery costs? Upper eyelid surgery is essential for removing the excess skin in the eyelids to cover the eyes. It is not only for cosmetic purposes but also for functional purposes to avoid accidents during driving and easy use of many gadgets. The consultation with the expert oculoplastic surgeon to decide why, how and when to do the eyelid lift surgery will cost £150. The procedure in the world-class skin clinic will cost around £2,200. There are no fees for the review after a few days or months to have a youthful look and clear vision to avoid many issues. The above facts and costs will convince anyone to have the best upper eyelid surgery or upper blepharoplasty in CQC registered skin clinic to look young and beautiful without vision issues.  

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