What website browsers can use this URL opener tool?

What browsers can use this URL opener tool?


Web Browser is one of the most important software for the internet users because it is only the software which takes the user to required websites (Containing different kind of resources) on the World Wide Web. Resources on the internet may be the articles, blog posts, videos, audios, or any other kind of content. If you want to open the multiple sites in a single go then URL Opener is one of the best websites which can do your required task for you.

You can also use the bulk URL extension for opening that task. Most of the time Marketers, SEOs, and content creators & researchers need website tool for researching on different websites at a time. You can easily bookmark the tool by clicking on the star sign in the end of address bar. This tool was developed by an SEO executive in the United Kingdom for the ease and convenience of UK SEO and Marketing agencies.

Here are some of the browsers which are widely used in the market and can use URL Opener tool:

Google Chrome:

Around 3.45 billion users are using the chrome browser in the world. Our URL Opener tool can easily be used in the chrome. You have just type in the address bar of the google chrome browser. If you want to bookmark the tool, then you have to click on the star sign which appears on the most right side in the address bar.

Google Chrome have different variants which can also be called versions. These were developed by google and users having the operating systems android, Microsoft Window, MacOS, iOS, and various other major OS are compatible with this this browsers. Here are some variants of google chrome.

Chrome Stable:

Chrome Stable is one of the most reliable version because it was tested by company many times. This was developed for the usage of general public. It is having the update frequency of almost six weeks. Stable channel of chrome is having the features according to the usage for the general public.

Chrome Beta:

Beta Version of the chrome was released for those users who want to test the upcoming features of the stable version. They can test those features before they are added in the stable version of the chrome. Beta channel of the chrome is updated weekly. It includes the features which are to be released for the stable chrome and needs the final testing.

Chrome Dev:

Chrome Dev was developed with the purpose to entertain the developers. It is for those who want to who want to get the new features which are not released on the stable and beta stage. This channel was specially developed for the developers. It includes the experimental features and changings which are in the development phase. It is less than the beta and Stable channels of the Chrome. Dev Chrome is updated weekly.

Chrome Canary:

Canary version of the chrome was developed by the developers and technical users which needs the last changings and upcoming changes of the chrome browsers. It includes the most updated and experimental changes. Please note that it may contain some bugs. Canary version of Chrome is updated on the daily basis.

Chrome Extended Stable:

This version of the chrome was developed by the Google to entertain the users who want the less frequent update schedule. Chrome extended stable version is updated almost after eight weeks of the previous release. It receives the same features as stable version but less frequently. It allows the more time for the companies for the deployment.

There some other specialized features for the Android and Apple users.

Apple’s Safari:

Safari is one of the best browsers which are being widely used in the market and you can easily. You can easily bookmark the URL opener tool using the same procedure for the google chrome. Safari is one of the best web browsers for the all the devices which are made by the IPhone, Mac Tablets, Laptops, Palmtops, and various other devices which are manufactured by the Apple Incorporation.

Apple’s Safari uses less RAM as compare to other web browsers in the market. It makes the browsing the experience much fast for the general users and SEOs working in the UK marketing agencies or other countries. Privacy and security of the user’s data is one of the primary objective of the Apple’s products. It is one of the safest and secure web browsers and that is the main reason for which about 25% of the internet users use Safari.

Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser which also known as Firefox. It is an open-source web browser and general public can use this without paying any charges. Firefox was developed by the Mozilla Corporation which is an US based software company. This browser is also having its advance versions which are available in the market with the names of beta and Dev versions. Graphical User Interface of the web browser is exceptional

Firefox is one of the secure and safe web browser for the public users. In the early phases of Internet, Internet Explorer was facing the security crises and at that time Firefox was considered as one of the safest we browser in the market. Now, it is one of the prior choice of the web developers because or extra-ordinary features such as colour picker.

Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft is one of the top software companies since early stages of development of computer and software. MS Edge is one of the widely used web browsers which provides the extra-ordinary interface for the website developers and marketers. It has also its different variants like Beta, Dev, and Canary. These variants have similar features which are included in the receptive versions of google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Compatibility of the Microsoft Edge is with all major Operating systems like Window, Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS. As it is a product of the Microsoft, so it is a default browser for the Microsoft windows 10, windows 10 Mobile version, Xbox One, and Xbox series. It is also a secure and having outclass features. It is a predecessor of the Internet explorer but it is a more safe and secure as compare to Internet Explorer.

Final Words

These were few of the browsers which are widely used in the market by the developers, marketers, and content researchers due to their exceptional features. You can use URL opener in all these web browsers easily. If you have fear of being afraid of forgetting then please bookmark it using the star symbol in the most right side of the address bar.


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