Why Apartments Remain Popular in 2022


Apartments are continuing to become increasingly popular, and the trend doesn’t seem to be a temporary option anymore. Many people feel that renting an apartment fits their current lifestyle better than home ownership would. If you’re like these people, you may feel that buying a home will never be in your future.

Today’s Economy

Buying a house used to be the American dream, but that has changed for many people. There are many factors contributing to this trend. Student loan debt is at an all-time high, and it is expected to go up. There is a transient workforce in place as well. Employees often migrate from one location to the next. You also need to consider how the first-time home buyer tax credit was eliminated in 2010.


Renting has become a more affordable option for many people due to these factors. Above all else, people are now craving the freedom to choose where they want and how they want to live. Where renting was once a way for you to get started in life, it is now a way of life. The times are changing quickly, and the general public wants housing that will change with those times. Homeownership ties you down to one location while eliminating that freedom.

Convenience in a Modern World

As a society, we work longer hours than ever before. This has created a need to work and play in one single location. Apartment communities offer this to their residents through several attractive amenities. Onsite community clubhouses serve multiple functions. Here you will find fitness centers that are often open 24/7. It makes it easier for you to work out around your schedule, but it also saves the cost of a gym membership and the time needed to commute there.


These clubhouses provide game rooms where you can relieve stress, and they have spaces you can use for parties. If you are like many of today’s employees, you are doing more work from home. Apartment communities like the HQ Apartments in San Francisco offer quiet workstations.


The 12-month lease is becoming a thing of the past. People want flexibility. They are looking for shorter lease options to go with their freedom. Transient jobs have you moving from one location to the next every few months. It wouldn’t be reasonable to sign a full-year lease. You might be looking for a temporary residence until you figure out exactly where you want to live. A short-term lease allows you to get to know a new location before making a final decision on which neighborhood you want to settle in. Because of all these reasons, apartment communities are now offering one and three-month leases that are based on your budget and circumstances. Even the baby boomers are interested in these short-term agreements. They want to travel and see the country. They don’t want to be tied down to one location. Further flexibility is provided by giving those who are just starting out a way to find safe and modern housing. Young adults just graduating have not had an opportunity to build their credit history enough to consider buying a house.

Concierge Services

Something that has always been a perk of living in an apartment community is the availability of a concierge service. Some of these complexes still have an actual staff to help with accepting deliveries, scheduling tee times and other appointments, or recommending a good local restaurant, but digital concierge is becoming the modern choice. A digital concierge allows you to handle all of these situations and more from your phone. Requests are made through a mobile app, texts, or emails. With this system, residents no longer have to deal with the hassle of tracking down someone to perform maintenance and other jobs such as laundry, dog walking, and housekeeping. A digital concierge is available at all hours of the day for added convenience.


Whether it is the economy, your desire to travel, or your current job situation, apartment living can be the perfect solution to your housing needs. You’ll be joining a trend that remains strong throughout 2022.



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