0970 What Network in the Philippines: All You Need to Know

0970 What Network

There are some major telecom operators in the Philippines Smart, Globe, and DiTO while Sun Cellular and Talk N networks are under Smart Communications, and TM  is under Globe Telecom. Besides these some other virtual mobile networks like GOMO and Cherry Prepaid Sim are under the Globe Communication.

A mobile number in the Philippines consists of 11 digits and the first four digits are known as the prefixes which indicate its network.

When it comes to knowing 0970 what network Philippines, it is a prefix number utilized by telecom operators to distinguish between the SIM operating Networks. To dig deeper into it, we are here with this post. Let’s embark on a journey to explore more about it.

About 0970 Network in Philipines

Basically, 097 numbers are used for data applications, navigational systems, or Mobile Broadband dongles for laptops and are known as M2M (machine-to-machine) and the number  097 must consist of 12 digits. It is the prefix that indicates which telecom operators it belongs to. In Simple words, 0970 networks are the identification code for the telecom operators in the Philippines and are registered under the SIM card network providers. In the Philippines 0970 belongs to Smart Communication.

The main aim of implementing this code is to identify the ownership or operating systems of the network you have opted for.

0970 What Network in the Philipines

If you are in Philippines, you must be intrigued to know 0970 what network, in Phillipines

The prefix 0970 of the telecom operating system is not associated with Globe Communication rather it belongs to Smart Communication. But if you wish to switch to Globe Communication, 0970 is customizable and can be converted into Smart Network by navigating to the franchise of the Globe Network.

When differentiating the giant networks, Globe and Smart, the Smart Network operates under  the defined range of the specific country or the space allowed by the company while Globe Networks is used to communicate globally.

Key Takeaways of 0970 Network

Opting for 0970 networks has several benefits for users. We have pointed out that below.

  • Satellite Equipped:   Equipped with satellites, 0970 Networks transmits signals in all the areas in the range enabled for it.
  • Military and Defence trusted network:    0970 is the most reliable network in the Philippines and is most commonly used by the defense and military forces.
  • Affordable Costing:   The best part is that 0970 networks belonging to Smart Network offer their quality service at an affordable cost which may come within your budget
  • Long Distance coverage:   Due to its availability in Satellites, it can transmit signals for long-distance ranges and rarely gets down in quality or speed.  


Some Other Mobile Number Prefixes in Philipines.


Prefix Networks
0813 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0817 Globe 
0904 Globe or TM
0905 Globe or TM
0906 Globe or TM
0907 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0908 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0909 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0910 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0911 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0912 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0913 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0914 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0915 Globe or TM
0916 Globe or TM
0917 Globe or TM
0918 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0919 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0920 Smart or Talk ‘N Text

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