5 Tips to Design and Renovate Your Teenagers Bedroom

Teenagers bedrooms are the first space your children will have of their own. They have left the playground behind and today, this room is the place where they begin to express who they want to be, what their tastes are, and what is most important to them.

Adolescence is a stage of learning, discovery, and definition of personality. And, at any time in their lives, you surely want to give your children a place that encourages their creativity and allows them to transmit their character.

The key to designing this space is to present different interior design options and give them the freedom to choose the one they like best.

And in this sense, here we will share some tips and ideas for designing rooms for teenagers that allow them to express themselves freely, without clashing with the style of your home.


What should a teenager’s room have?

Taking into account the needs of your children, bedrooms for teenagers have essential elements that allow them to continue their development. Below, we mention some of these.

Youth bedrooms are the quintessential place where teenagers can express themselves without shame. Therefore, they spend most of their time here and consider this room as more than just the space dedicated to sleeping.

Therefore, consider that this should be a multifunctional space where they can rest, do homework, play, and invite their friends. That is, youth rooms need:

  • A sleeping area
  • A study area
  • A place to socialize with friends
  • Different storage options.


Furniture and accessories

Furniture can completely change the atmosphere of youth bedrooms, for this reason, your children will want to participate in its selection and choose according to their lifestyle.

This is the perfect opportunity to match your children’s tastes with the interior design of the rest of the house, be it modern, minimalist, or Mediterranean.

Also don’t close yourself to the idea of letting them put vinyl, neon marquees, or posters of their favorite artists on the walls. The more they can personalize their space, the happier and more comfortable they will feel.


Coverings with exclusive designs

Purchasing the types of flooring for modern youth rooms is another time when you can reconcile your children’s preferences with the style of the home. In addition to looking for durable and easy-to-clean materials, you can give it a vibrant, high-energy touch with bright colors.

Usually, teenagers dream of a creative and unique bedroom. Although everything will depend on your tastes, you can cover the floor with warm-to-the-touch materials such as photo-laminated floors, vinyl floors, or resistant SPC floors.

And how about creating a focal wall with a brick-like cladding? Or a creative wallpaper? Your children will love that touch of originality!

According to Richmond Hill home renovations contractors, youth bedrooms should always be open to change. While it’s not about changing the layout, coverings, and furniture every year, the room should adapt to your children’s changing tastes.


Top bedroom design ideas for teenagers:

Bedrooms with contrasting colors

Most of the teenagers pay special attention to color. Therefore, you can design youth bedrooms with contrasting colors such as red and green, orange and blue, or yellow and purple.

Be sure to use your child’s favorite color as the main tone on the walls, and identify which is the contrasting color to add to decorative objects, bedding, or accessories.

You can install neutral-toned floor coverings such as porcelain tiles or SPC floors that imitate wood so that all attention is focused on the color contrast of the walls.


Monochrome bedrooms

On the opposite side are teenagers who have more sober tastes. If this is the case with your children, consider choosing neutral colors that range from black to white.

These tones create an ideal environment of relaxation and comfort and also give the space an elegant atmosphere.

Keep in mind that monochromatic youth bedrooms don’t have to be boring. Since you have a base of balanced tones, add a few touches of bright colors such as oranges, yellows, or turquoise to the decoration.

We recommend more sober floor coverings such as cement-type porcelain tiles. These favor the feeling of sophistication that this design style generates.


Bedrooms with pastel colors

Another youth bedroom design idea is to use pastel colors. The idea is to produce a white base on the walls and floors, to include a touch of color in the furniture and accessories.

This idea is very popular in youth bedrooms for women, as it creates a delicate and cozy atmosphere. It is also often complemented with gold or chrome silver touches that elevate the design.

The floor coverings that we suggest are marble-type porcelain tiles, which adapt to the refined concept. You can buy a rug to add a decorative element and, at the same time, reduce the feeling of cold that this material generates.


Modern youth bedrooms

The modern style also takes over the rooms of teenagers, and it can be adapted to different tastes. Music lover? Black walls with paintings by his favorite artists will make him feel energy and emotion. Imitation wood floors will connect you with nature and fill you with inspiration.


Small youth bedrooms

Multifunctional furniture is a solution to the lack of space and serves to delimit the different areas of the bedroom. For example, you can find folding beds. These are hidden in the walls when not in use and allow a desk or sofa to be placed in the free space.

Another alternative is raised beds with desks, which can be accessed by a ladder (like that of a cabin), leaving space to put on other furniture.

There are also bed bases with storage drawers, trunks that serve as seats, and folding desks that can be dismantled when not in use. In addition, shelves and shelves allow you to take advantage of vertical space.

We have reached the end of this article and now it is your turn to start planning with your children to remodel their youth bedrooms. We at The Renovators of Canada have all the renovation services you need to complete your project.

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